Day 2

Well, the sleeping well didn’t last! Up at 5 as I was wide awake.

The reasons for me not sleeping?

This is not medically proven, yet, but my feeling is this.

Warning, toilet talk coming!!

Given the issues I was and am having, one thing I cannot be is constipated, so in order to keep things ‘soft’, I have had to increase my fluid intake dramatically.  As well as this I have been told to eat more fibre as well, so more fruit & veg.  For me, good fruit to eat are nectarines, pears and I’m told but have not yet tried, ripe papaya.

I was also told to take a ‘softener’ (laxative to the layman!).  I tried lactalose but that didn’t work, I tried Fybogel but that didn’t work and then my consultant suggested Movicol.  For me, that works a treat, a couple of sachets a day.

Anyway, to get back the original point I was making, with all this extra fluid intake it means your fluid output is greater so means I’m having to get up in the night to pee.

The issue then and very annoying it is, is that even though I’m busting to go, I can’t! My theory is that because of where the tumour is, if my bowel is full, it pushes on the bladder and stops it from working properly.

The strange things is that once I up and about, peeing is not an issue so the problem is not related to my prostate.  One of the tests I’ve had is a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test which is a good indicator of issues with or cancer of, the prostate. My reading came back very low.

Therefore, I’m confident that the peeing problem is related to the tumour and hopefully will bugger off when the tumour shrinks.

So, back to events of today.

A friend of my brother has a stoma (and she just happens to be a nurse too!) and offered to come and chat to Paula and me about the whole stoma ‘thing’.

We spent a couple of hours together talking stomas and bowels, and, a lovely time was had by all!!

Seriously though, it was a really useful session as it has prepared me for the meeting with my stoma nurse on Monday.  One thing I didn’t realise is that there is a wide range of colostomy bags from which to choose, and she explained that it will take some time to find one that I’m happy with and fits my shape (not that I’m a funny shape) and that all of the manufacturers are happy to send samples to try.  This could be an interesting exercise.

She also explained some of the issues she has had with her bag in the early days and it seems the message is, don’t rush changing it and if you think it needs changing, change it! Don’t risk leaving it for a while.  I shall let you work out why that is a bad idea.

As some of you will know, Paula & I are keen ballroom & Latin dancers and we could have gone to a dance last night but I decided that as I was not going to be spending any evenings with Paula next week as I will be in hospital, that we’d have a night in.  We also decided to have ‘cancer discussion free night’.  The danger with this disease is that it becomes your life and all you talk about.  One of the reasons for writing this blog is to get rid of all the thoughts, good or bad, and leave them in another place.

That’s not to say we don’t discuss it, but it cannot become our lives, otherwise you’re already beaten

This is why on the link that I put on Facebook I asked people to comment on this blog and not on my Facebook page as I want my cancer life to be here and my normal life to be on there, not that I’m an avid Facebooker, but I hope you get the point.

Lastly, for those that know me, I am still the same Pat that I was a week ago, it just happens that at the moment  I have cancer.  Please don’t feel awkward about contacting me or asking any questions that you may have.  My life, and in particular, my new cancer life, is an open book for those that want to know.  If you’re reading this you must be a little interested and I hope that you find it useful and maybe interesting.

I’m afraid over the coming weeks and months I will be candid about how I feel about what is happening to me.

If you don’t like that thought I will understand you not continuing to follow this, but I have to be that way, on here, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you like, but please respect my Facebook rule!!

Thanks for reading, that’s day two done!





4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. If you need more fibre, Pat, try taking/drinking pysillium fibre husks. You can probably get them from a health food store. You mix them in a full glass (8oz) of water or fruit juice. They don’t dissolve so it’s a bit like drinking a thick shake. You then have to have another full glass of liquid afterwards. Read up on it because they usually recommend you work up to the full serving over a period of time. They’re packed full of fibre and also soak up cholesterol.
    Regarding the papaya, it’s best eaten with lime juice drizzled over it.


    1. Thanks Steve. I think after Tuesday I may not need any extra fibre but I’ll bear it in mind. The Fybogel I was taking is a husk based laxative but didn’t seem to work. I think the Moviocl is similar to what you have in preparation for a colonoscopy. Here it’s called Fleet, and, it is absolutely revolting. But, it does the trick!!


  2. We baggies have to avoid fibre as it’s like throwing a hand grenade into your bowel. One of the freaking things for joining a very exclusive club!


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