Day 3

Another night of broken sleep. I’ve now taken to having ‘sleep breaks’ whereby I get up, sit downstairs for about half an hour and then go back to bed again. I’m up because of the want to pee/can’t pee problem that I wrote about yesterday and then I can’t get back to sleep!  This sleep break seems to work as not only does getting up and wandering around mean that I can then pee, when I go back to bed I seem to sleep really well. Strange.

Anyway, not much to report. The only issue I had that I have not yet written about is pain.

Because of where the tumour is (at the lower part of the rectum, just inside the anus) sitting down for long periods of time can be very uncomfortable. Some days are worse than others, although today was no better or worse than usual.

I wanted to do three things that I know I won’t be doing for a while:

  1. Eat a big roast dinner
  2. Drink a glass or three of decent wine
  3. Sit in the garden with Paula

The first two I achieved but I was not able to sit very long in the garden as the pain was too much. I had a lie down on the couch and then fell asleep anyway, sorry Paula!

To ease the pain of sitting for long periods (I sit at a desk all day for work) I purchased a surgical ring (the first one to snigger will be asked to leave!). It’s a memory foam affair but really helps as it takes the pressure of off where the tumour is.  I have not yet and do not intend taking it out with me when, for example, we eat out!

My feeling is this will be used quite a bit until I start my radiotherapy and hopefully the tumour starts to shrink. We’ll see I suppose.

Tomorrow is a busy day of hospital stuff so more then.

Bye for now.




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