Day 4

Another night with a ‘sleep break’, up at 0330 and back to bed at 0400 but slept right through to 0700.

Today was all about getting ready for my surgery to fit the stoma tomorrow. First up was a pre assessment check at the hospital. Nothing too arduous. Blood pressure, ECG, height, weight etc etc. Oh, and you also have to have your legs measured for the very stylish compression stockings that I will have to wear whilst in hospital and until I am back and home fully mobile. Some would argue that I’m never fully mobile anyway!

I was also asked for a urine sample. I cannot perform under pressure!! I managed to squeeze some out but was ‘reprimanded’ for not having drunk enough fluid! My fluid intake regime was interrupted as I had to be at the hospital at 0800, so not really my fault!

Once this was completed we then went to meet the stoma nurse.

Both Paula and I were feeling very nervous about the whole stoma ‘thing’, despite the fact that I had spoken with the friend of a friend on Saturday who has a stoma.

However, the meeting with the stoma nurse was really positive and we both felt much calmer after meeting her.

She drew on my stomach so that the surgeon knows where to put it so that it does not interfere with the way that I wear my trousers. There is quite a small space where it can go but within that space, too high and it will show when I’m wearing a ‘work shirt’, too low and my belt will sit right over the top of the stoma. Anyway, we ended up with the placing about right, so we think. I’ll find out once it’s fitted. Another one of the things that I will just have to get used to in my post operative life.

During this meeting she answered all of my questions and some that Paula had too. For me, it’s really important that we both understand what’s going to happen as, clearly, it affects us both.

I’m told that I should be able to eat what I eat now and the really vital piece of information…………..

Yes, I can continue to drink wine!! Now that, was a relief!

Once all of this was completed, it was back home and back to work. Had a few things to finish off in readiness for my absence.

Had a few calls and texts from family and friends wishing me luck for tomorrow and that everyone is thinking about me and hoping it all goes well. What really matters equally to me is that everyone is also hoping Paula is ok (as she is a worrier), I actually get the easy bit tomorrow as I will be asleep for a lot of it, not sitting worrying about me!

Overall I honestly do feel positive about this week, I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not a little anxious, it’s only natural. For some  reason, I had the shakes for a while last night, I guess it’s a little bit of stress/worry/anxiety  but they went after a little while. Fortunately I wasn’t allowed to drink wine, I’d have worried about spilling it!

I’m in the hands of a great medical team, I have a wonderful family and the very best friends. All the support and good wishes really do mean a lot to both me & Paula and I know that this will make the coming days easier for me to get through. Even typing this makes me emotional, it seems I’m not very good at people being kind to me, but please don’t stop, I hope to get used to it!

OK, that’s it for today. Next stop, surgery and then to focus on getting back to full strength and return to work, those discussions with clients regarding critical illness cover are going to take on a whole new meaning!!!

Bye for now.




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