Day 6

As one would expect, not a great nights sleep.  Lots of checking that I’m doing ok post operatively and that all my vitals are ok.  In terms of pain, none to speak of, I’ve been looked after very well on the pain killer front.

So, it’s time for the catheter to come out.  I really hate having one.  Don’t know why, it must be a loss of independence but very glad to have it removed.  I can now get out of bed and have a wander round as, as much as it’s nice to rest in bed, it’s nice to get up and stretch the legs and also, it will help to get the stoma (Cecil!) working.

Shortly afterwards, Cecil did his first fart! This is good news as it means that he is working. The bags have a filter on them so no smell, which, lets be honest, as a man, that’s the fun part of farting, but not any longer for me, it seems.

Joking aside, although the noise may be a little starling, especially if I’m with a client, I’m glad that there won’t be a stink to go with it.  I hope my clients (some of which are reading this!) will understand!

I didn’t feel strong enough to shower but it was good to have a wash and clean my teeth, made me feel a bit more human.

Paula and a friend came to see me today as did my father.  Good to see them all and we had a good old natter about just about everything.

However, the elephant in the room was me not being able to pee, again!

I tried and I tried but it was inevitable that it was going to be catheter time again.  Very unhappy about this, but after a bladder scan revealed I had 900 ml in my bladder, there was no arguing, it was going back in.  Tomorrow I am promised a ‘flip flow valve’ which is like having a tap on the end of the catheter that you open when you want to go.  The idea being that it trains the bladder back to working again.  If this doesn’t work then it’ll be a referral to a urologist. Not keen on that either!  Anyway, we’ll see.

This morning I had my first cup of coffee since Tuesday morning, it was delicious!

I am on a fluid only diet at the moment so lunch was soup and a yoghurt and more coffee.

Tomorow I will be seeing my oncologist so am hoping to find out more about the chemo and radiotherapy I will be having and, assuming things go to plan, when I will start the treatment.  As you can probably tell, I like to get on with things if they need doing.

Dinnertime – I was told I could have a jacket potato but not eat the skin and some scrambled eggs.  I was also offered tomatoes which I though would moisten it up a bit. However, later on the nurse had placed an embargo on the tomatoes.  I can’t have skin and pips, I did say take the skin and pips off but I’m not sure there’s much left of a tomato if you do that!

In the evening I asked one of the nurses if Cecil’s bag needed changing as I had it on for 24 hours and I’m told that with a drainable bag, they should be changed every day.

So, this was going to be my first look at my new mate, Cecil.  Well, he’s not as big as I thought he was going to be, not as red and angry as I thought he was going to be either. The bag changing process does not look too complicated and the nurse took time to show me exactly what to do.  She did it today, tomorrow is my turn, that should be fun.

Dad came back up to see me again last night which was much appreciated, we watched The Great British Bake Off together.

It’s good to have a good spread of vistors on these occasions. I have told Paula that I don’t want her here all day every day and again in the evening, it’s too much for her as she has her own stuff to do and also needs to rest.  I’m going to need her strong when I get home, as I guess I’m going to need a little looking after for a while, I’m guessing at least 12 months, that should do it I think?

After Dad left I watched a bit of telly and then turned in for the night.  I was promised less interruptions as not as many required tonight.

Let’s hope I sleep, feel like I need it.

Overall, still feeling positive, but I really, really want rid of this catheter, that’s the focus for tomorrow!

Bye for now



2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Your comments on the home page said that there would be talk of rectums and anus’s (anusi?) but the past couple of days it’s been all bladders and catheters. I hope you’ll get back ‘on message’ soon.


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