Day 7

A much better nights sleep which I feel much better for.  First job of the day, get my catheter changed to a ‘flip flow valve’ so that I can get up and shower.

That feels more like me, it’s amazing what a difference getting back into a little bit of your old routine can make!

I’m only allowed cereal for breakfast so I’ve gone for Rice Krispies.

Cecil is very active this morning, plenty of gurgling but no real pain or discomfort.  The holes where the laparoscope was used are a little tender but over the coming days they will get much better, I’m sure.

My urine output is being monitored and so far they appear to be pleased with what I’m doing. My nurses are aware that I am desperate to get this catheter out and have arranged for a urologist to come and see me at some point today.

Had a walk around a bit as I had what felt like quite a bit of trapped wind, Cecil was making a lot of noise, I hope he’s not going to be one of those neighbours from hell thats going to keep me awake all night!

Went to the loo to have a drain off and then realised what all the noise was about – yes, Cecil had done the business, I had had my first poo!! As you can imagine, there was much rejoicing.  My wonderful nurse, Heather, congratulated me! I felt like a fraud as I hadn’t really done anything!

She helped  me change the bag and I’ve now done two bag changes myself and so far, no issues.  Let’s hope that continues. So, it seems, all the replumbing has worked.  I have to say it’s a relief.

Visitors today were plentiful, really does make a difference as the days are long here. Paula brought her Mum, one of our friends came up and also my business partner came quite a distance and through some horrific traffic to get here.  It’s these ‘little things’ that are so touching and make me realise what a lucky man I am.

Lunch was grilled salmon with a jacket potato, no skin, not allowed.

Later on the urologist came to see me and I immediately asked if he would allow the catheter to be removed. He said I may be able to twist his arm.

He said that it’s possible I have an underlying bladder issue that is causing the problem  but also confirmed my theory that the want to pee/can’t pee issue that I’m having during the night is likely to be a result of the tumour and once it’s started to shrink (more on that in a bit) the problem may disappear.  He did say that he would like to see me in his clinic in six weeks, just to run some test and check me out. I’m slowly working my way around all of the consultants here.  I think I get a prize once I’ve seen them all.

After checking my blood tests and reviewing the output figures he came back to say I could have the catheter removed.  Not a lot of arm twisting was required, I’m thinking if he ever wants to sell anything, I’ll buy it off him as I reckon he’ll be pushover to barter with!

So, the catheter is out! I cannot impress upon you how good that feels as, of all the issues I have, that was the thing that was annoying me the most.

So, the question now of course, is,  can I go?  If I can’t, it goes back in.   No pressure then?

I was told not to drink a load of water, just relax and don’t think about it.  Yeah, right!

After about 45 minutes I had ‘the urge’.  The waiting crowd dropped to a hush, the pressure was building. As I have alluded to in earlier posts, I don’t perform to an audience so they offered to leave.  I have to give myself the best chance.

I slipped into the bathroom, here we go………

Success! It felt like I’d scored the winning goal at the World Cup!

So, all of the plumbing appears to be back in working order, I’m a happy man.

Next up was dinner, a cheese omelette with a jacket potato (no skin!).

My surgeon came to see me to see how I was doing. He was happy that Cecil was working and that my bladder had also decided to get back to work.

He said I could go home tomorrow! I said I felt it was a little early and would be happier with Saturday so it looks like that’s when I shall be leaving hospital.

We discussed what I should be eating and he said that I have the same bowel that I had before so just eat what you ate before, but build up to it, don’the overload to start with. When he left, I rang and ordered a pizza, just a small one…….joke!

So I could have had a ‘nicer’ dinner but never mind, I’m now looking forward to breakfast in the morning.

Next up was the appointment with my oncologist.  Another really nice guy.  He didn’t tell me anything I didn’t really know already, but some slight changes.

I will be having 5 weeks of radiotherapy with chemo (this will be tablets) every day as well.  Both of these are Monday to Friday only.  Then, 8 weeks off to continue to ‘cook’, then back for surgery to remove the tumour, which by then should have shrunk so that once it has been removed, hopefully all of the cancer will have gone. I will be checked afterwards and if they think there is some left, more chemo to get rid of it.  I reiterated that it’s all got to go, I’ve got stuff to do!!

All in all, another really positive meeting. I asked him outright if this is going to kill me and he was very confident that it won’t.  If he’s confident, then I’m confident.  So, the focus now is only on the positive and working towards recovery.

The last visitors of the day were my brother and sister, as always, a good laugh, don’t know where the time went but once they left, I rang Paula to wish her goodnight and turned in for the night.

I went to bed feeling calm and relaxed. I know there are challenges and some unpleasantness to come but I face this in knowledge that I have a great support network that will be there to help.

Thanks everyone, it means a lot to know you’re all there.





4 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. It was great to see you mate. You looked well, other than the surgical tights!! This won’t keep you down for long. See you soon my friend.


  2. Are you actually in hospital or staying at a potato farm? Baked potatoes seem to be almost mandatory on the menu. Is there a potato glut in Essex at the moment?


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