Day 8

Another reasonable nights sleep, although I did have to get up for a pee at about 0330 but went straight back to sleep.

Breakfast was a much more satisfying affair as I treated myself to egg, bacon & sausages, this was on the advice of my surgeon, he told me to eat normally, so I did!

Back into a bit of a routine now so up, shower, shave.

Dad was my first visitor today, good to see him and then Paula and a friend arrived, good to see them too!

Paula brought a card that had arrived in that morning’s post and when I opened it it was from the restaurant manager of the hotel that we were due to be staying in last weekend.  We had to cancel the trip as I wasn’t sure about being away whilst I was in so much pain. We are are regular visitors to the hotel and over the years have become good friends with him.  I emailed him to say that we wouldn’t be there as planned as I was unwell.

What a lovely touch to send a card to Paula and me from his family? So lovely in fact that it immediately reduced me to tears! I don’t know why I am suddenly so emotional, I can’t help it, it just comes over me in waves.  I really am going to have to try and get used to people being nice to me, or they’re going to stop!

During the morning I could feel that Cecil was active and he appears to be doing the job he is employed to do.

My surgeon came to see me to check on progress and I updated him on the meeting with the oncologist, he was happy that all is progressing well.

Sandwiches for lunch and then later on in the day another friend and his wife came to see me, really do appreciate these visits as they break the day up nicely.

I completed a couple of bag changes during the day, all seems to be ok, but cutting the right size hole in the flange (this is the bit of the bag that goes over the stoma, which you cut to size) is a right faff.  I’m told that once you are able to order your own supplies they will cut the right size hole for you.

I had a call from the stoma nurse that will be looking after me. She will be out to see me at home on Monday.  At this visit she will help me to get to grips with everything, give me my prescription charge exemption certificate (woo hoo!) and help me to arrange my supplies order. These are then delivered directly to you, so, all sounds pretty straightforward.

Another friend called in to see me before dinner (fish & chips) and my last visitors of the day were two more of our friends.  The day has gone quite quickly and I spent a bit of time afterwards just watching a bit of TV.

Called Paula before turning in for the night and she told me that our next door neighbour had knocked with a lovely cake she had made to wish me well, what a nice gesture, so will thank her when I get home.  And, the good news is, I didn’t cry!

All in all  another good day, feels like once I’m home, I can get my life back a bit, at least until the daily trips for my radiotherapy, but let’s get this chapter closed before we start thinking in too much detail about the next.

To finish today, I’m going to leave you with a text that my sister sent me last night.  She has twin boys and she has started the process of telling them that Uncle Pat is not very well, I don’t know the exact details of what they know, but here is their  conversation:

Explaining a stoma to 7 year olds….

Uncle Pat’s bum doesn’t work anymore so he’s got a sort of new bum on his tummy *laughter*

Does he just lay over the toilet to poo now? No, he’s got a bag that the poo falls into *more laughter*

It makes pop noises & Uncle Pat can’t stop it *more laughter*

Oh to be a seven year old again!

That’s it for today, thanks, as always, for joining me.




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