Day 9 – Going home!

Well, it’s here, time to leave the safety of the hospital and start the next leg of this journey (cringe, sorry!)  in the big wide world, I can feel that Cecil is nervous too!

All jokes aside, I’m looking forward to getting home and some level of normality. Can’t wait to get back and spend an evening with Paula, I know she’s looking forward to getting me home too.

I have all the supplies I need and have only got to get by until Monday when the stoma nurse comes and she will be bringing more supplies as well.

The male nurse that has been caring for me on and off during my stay came to say goodbye and good luck at the end of his night shift.  What a cracking guy he is. It feels like we have built a bit of a bond, I think you do with the nurse that inserts your first catheter! He looked absolutely shattered, they do a great job these people, not just the nursing ‘stuff’ but the psychological things as well.  I’m sure you recover quicker if you’re relaxed with the people around you, and, believe me, you have to be relaxed when you’ve got people looking in and inserting things in your ‘private’ places!

Once the day shift had started they came to discharge me and check that I had all that I needed.

I was free to go!

Paula was coming to collect me and yesterday had mentioned that her car was making a ‘funny noise’. I said I was sure that it would be ok and not to worry. She called me once she was on her way to say it was still making the noise. I said I would have a listen when she got here. 10 minutes later she called again to tell me that her car had broken down! Just what she needed. No steering, sounds like the power steering pump has gone kaput.


Luckily, friends were nearby and able to collect her, leave the car where it was and bring her up to collect me.  We’d sort the car out later.

Finally got home and so pleased to be here.  We had some lunch and then called the breakdown people to collect her car and bring it home. My brother was able to pick Paula up and take her back to her car to meet the recovery truck who then brought her car back home.

First job on Monday morning is to get the car booked in for repair.

We had a nice relaxed evening in front of the TV and then turned in for bed. I did a bag change, I think I’m getting quicker although for the first time in living memory, it took me longer to get ready for bed than it took Paula!!

Just one thing I’m still not sure about, can I sleep lying on my front? I have had a google and it seems that people do, provided your bag is empty of course. My plan is always to change the bag before I go to bed anyway so may give this a try.

Hoping for a good nights sleep and so, so, pleased to be back with my best friend, my beautiful Paula, could not do this without her.



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