Day 10

Not a lot to report really.  Cecil was very active this morning and then pretty much ‘slept’ for the rest of the day. I’m hoping that this may be the new routine, which would be absolutely perfect and would fit very nicely into my work routine when I’m back to work.

My plan is to spend this week continuing to recover and then back to ‘light duties’ next week, with maybe a smattering of client visits.

When I met my stoma nurse she suggested that I get what she described as a ‘silky belt’ which you wear around the waist that will sit lightly over the top of the bag so that it won’t be visible under a shirt.  I ordered one of these today and will road test it during the week.  I will have to feel comfortable when I’m out and about, particularly during my client meetings. I’m hoping this will help.

Mum & Dad came to see me this afternoon, I was keen for Mum to see me so that she can see with her own eyes that I’m doing ok. Mum is not very good at hospital visits so  was not able to see me whilst I was away. Good to see them both, as always.  She was pleased that I looked better than she was expecting.

Had a phone call from my oncologist tonight asking me to sign and return by email a consent form for the next stage of my treatment (radio and chemotherapy) which I emailed back to him immediately. Want to get cracking with this ASAP.  Should be having a CT scan in the next week so that he can position the beam of x rays they will use to shrink the tumour, then start the treatment the following week.

Spent the evening in front of the TV with Paula and then turned in for the night, getting into a routine now with bag changes in the morning and before bed.

Saw this before I switched off last night, a good message to end the night:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”
Charles R. Swindoll

Bye for now.




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