Day 12

The worst night I’ve had for a long time. Raving indegestion before I went to bed, then whilst I was in bed. Got up at about 0330 to take some Gaviscon. Then needed a pee but had to wait about 10 minutes before I could go!

In the end I admitted defeat and got up at about 0600.

On the up side, Cecil got going within a few minutes of me getting up, this does appear to be settling into the morning routine which is very encouraging.

Now, in very exciting news, I went out!! It was good to get out and get some fresh air. The garage that fixed Paula’s car is only at the bottom of our road and we walked down to collect her car which they repaired yesterday. We then had a couple of errands to run then came home for lunch.

In the afternoon, the phone calls started.

First call was from the chemo nurse to say they want me to go tomorrow (Wednesday) for a pre assessment.  This will involve running through some questions and having a blood test.  I also need to go back to hospital to collect some stoma supplies. I’m also going to go back to the ward I was in and drop off a thank you card and some nice biscuits. Just a small token of my appreciation for the excellent care I received whilst in their care.

I emailed my colorectal consultant asking if he can give me some stronger painkillers as what I’m taking is not quite doing the job. He’s going to leave a prescription for me to collect. More excellent service.

Next phone call was from the radiotherapy nurse who wants to see me on Thursday to do a pre assessment. This is to plan the treatment and will involve a CT scan. They will also put some small tattoos on my skin so that they can direct the x rays to the same place every day. I did say I was hoping for a peacock or something flamboyant but it appears that this is not part of the service! All I’m going to get is some very small marks on my skin.

On Friday I’ll need to go back again to get the results of the blood test which will confirm that I’m ok to take the chemo tablets. All being well I will then be given the tables which I will need to start taking on Monday next week and I will also start the radiotherapy next week as well. And so the next chapter begins.

How do I feel about this?

Well, I won’t lie. It seems to be getting a bit real now. Up until now it hasn’t felt like I’ve actually got cancer. Now there’s talk of chemotherapy it makes it sound more like I do. Difficult to explain.

I don’t know what the next few weeks hold in store for me.  How will I feel? Will I be well enough to work? Which of the many side effects that I’ve been told about will I get?

I wont list all that I have been told that may occur. Maybe once I get going I will just talk about the ones I’m getting.  I’m hoping the list will be very short!

The only one I’m pretty sure I will get is tiredness. I’m fortunate that I’m self employed and can work my diary around treatment and tiredness.

I’ve got a great support network with plenty of offers of lifts to and from treatment and I will definitely be calling in these offers, if for no other reason than it gives Paula a break as well. She’s still got a life to live and it will do her good to not be thinking about cancer for a while.

So, chapter one closes (surgery), and chapter two commences. I’m glad that it’s all happened quickly as the sooner it starts the sooner I can get rid of the problem and then crack on with the rest of my life.

Right, let’s do this!!!!



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