Day 14

Slept through till 0715, felt like a massive lie in! Had to get up at 0500 for a pee but quickly back to be bed and asleep.

So, today is radiotherapy pre assessment day.

I consider myself very fortunate that I have the option to receive my treatment privately. The treatment is identical to what I would receive on the NHS and I have no issue with using the NHS. The problem will be that I am not able to dictate what time each day I have my treatment.  This is an issue for me as most of my client meetings happen in the evening and I need to be able to plan my diary. If my appointment times for my treatment are different each day, it makes planning my diary virtually impossible.

The other problem is that if my treatment is later in the day and it makes me tired, which I’m told it will, it may impact on my ability to make the meeting with my client.

I have, therefore, decided to have my treatment privately as I will be able to dictate the timings of my treatment.

The private hospital have a specialist cancer treatment centre not far from me so that’s where I’ll be going every day for treatment.

My appointment was at 1000 and the first job was to have a chat with one of the murses. Usual stuff, are you allergic to anything etc etc. Next I’m told to empty my bladder and then drink a pre determined amount of water. I will need to do this every time I visit for treatment. This is so my bladder has the same amount of fluid in it each time which, in turn, will move my bowel ‘out of the way’ so that it is less likely to be affected by the radiotherapy. I have to wait for 30 minutes for the water to  make it’s way to my bladder.

Next is a CT scan which will be used to help to determine where the beams of x rays will be directed each day.

I have to have three small tattoo dots on my skin, one on each side and one at the bottom of my stomach so they can be sure that each time the x days are delivered, they are in the same place. The tattoo at the bottom of my stomach was the most painful thing I’ve had done yet, ouch!!

Paula & I were asked if we wanted to look around the treatment room and the machine they will use to deliver the treatment.  We had no idea what we were looking at but it all looks very high tech (as you would expect) and the atmosphere in the whole building was very calm, just what you need when undergoing this kind of treatment.

We left with an array of booklets and information leaflets. Very handy if I have one of my restless nights, at least I’ll have something to read!

I was also given some moisturiser to use once I start my treatment.  It’s likely that the skin around my middle will become very dry due to the x rays so this moisturiser should help negate this. I could also use it if my hands and feet become dry due to the chemotherapy.

Both the chemo and radiotherapy nurses have asked if I will be seeing my oncologist during treatment, he hadn’t mentioned whether I would or not so when I got home I dropped him a quick email to ask the question. Late last night he replied and said that I will need to see him every week once my treatment has commenced.

It certainly seems like I will be having a close eye kept on me during this period and that is comforting for both me & Paula.

So, 3rd October is my start date so I have a week of ‘normal’ life to be getting on with and I have booked some appointments for client meetings next week.

This will be a new adventure as they will by my first meetings with Cecil, let’s hope he keeps his mouth shut whilst I’m talking!!!

The other thing I’ve had to do is to buy a ‘man bag’ as when I’m out I need to make sure that if Cecil goes nuts I can change him so I will need to carry supplies. Not sure I’ve ever been a fan of man bags but this is another change that I’ve got to get used to.

Paula is pleased as it will save her bag getting filled up with my car keys and other paraphernalia! To be honest, if this is the only thing I’ve got to worry about, I’m doing ok, I think!

The next few days I hope, will be unremarkable so it may be that I don’t post every day but if there’s anything I think remotely interesting I’ll have something to say about it.

In the meantime, thanks for reading my ramblings every day, it does help to know that I’m sharing this with people that are interested.
























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