Day 15

Up at 0500, this is becoming a habit!

Last night I had my first glass of wine since Cecil came along. I was expecting Armageddon but he appears to have coped with it quite well.  This is very encouraging!

No real plans for today, spent a couple of hours at my desk and feel ready to get back to work next week.

The only appointment we have today is at the private hospital where I had my surgery but for once, not for me. As some of you will know, Paula had ovarian cancer last year (yes, we like to do things ‘together’) and she has four monthly checks to make sure it’s stayed away. Always a very nervous time for her but as expected, the news was positive and her consultant was happy that she’s fine.  We’ll be back again in January for another check and so on and so on.  Once she’s been clear for two years it may be that the checks become less frequent.

So it was back home much more relaxed than when we left.  A celebratory fish supper with a glass or two of wine to celebrate another clear check up.

I just hope that I can get through all that lies ahead of me with the same grit and determination that Paula showed during her surgery and subsequent recovery.

She did so well and  I’m still so proud of her.

Chatting with her surgeon was interesting as he often operates with my surgeon as they both work on a similar area of the body and he assured me that both my surgeon and oncologist are very good at their jobs, which is what everyone has said so this is good news.

I feel very safe in the hands of both the surgeon and oncologist that are looking after me and I’m sure that helps to cope with what is to come.

They seem to be very special people who are not only good at the physical part of their job but they also have a very calming influence when speaking to them. It’s true to say they are lifesavers and both Paula’s team and the one looking after me have a special place in our hearts, they are fantastic people, we are very fortunate to have them on ‘our side’.

Well, that’s about it for today.  As I alluded to yesterday unless anything remarkable happens in the next week, I may not be posting much.

For me, the next stop is the start of treatment week commencing 3rd October, I ain’t looking forward to it, but it’s certainly a better prospect than the alternative!

Bye for now.



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