Day 19

Up at 0400 for painkillers. This is now a regular thing that the pain wakes me up, or I need to get up for a pee and then can’t get back to sleep.

Once back in bed and the pain has subsided I can pretty much get back to sleep with no problem and sleep right through till the alarm goes off.

I’m back in my old routine now which is a good thing and my work diary is now full for next week so feels like I’m getting my old life back!

As expected my first delivery of stoma supplies arrived today. A box full of goodies!

Everything I need to keep Cecil in tip top condition. 90 colostomy bags, soft wipes, adhesive remover (this is a spray that you use to get the bag off and effectively ‘melts’ the adhesive so that your skin doesn’t become sore with the two or three bag changes that you would do during the course of a day), ‘poo bags’ (to put the used bag and wipes etc in for disposal) and my RADAR key.

The best thing about this delivery is that the colostomy bags are pre cut to the size of Cecil. This means that I no longer have to cut the hole in the bag to the right size. I found this really difficult as whilst cutting the hole I kept cutting the inside of the bag which meant that smells could escape, not very pleasant and defeats the object of the filter in the bag.

I’m now set up on the suppliers system so when I need to reorder supplies I can just go to their website and place my next order. As I have said before this entire process has been very efficient.

I wonder if they can be used to order the next iPhone as getting hold of one has been very inefficient!!! I digress………

So, today is the day that Cecil get his first meeting with a client. First thing to crack is will I be able to comfortably wear a suit? I have several from which to choose and the one I go for appears to be ok. I have to make sure that my belt is not sitting directly over Cecil as he may not be able to work properly. This means wearing my trousers slightly lower than I would normally but you tend to find they slip down during the course of wearing them normally anyway. It has been suggested that braces might be a better option but the issue is that I have lost quite a bit of weight this year (by design) and as a result, most of my trousers are a little generous in the waist department. If I were to wear braces I’d look one of those old guys with massive trousers that appear to float in mid air somewhere near their waist, not really the look I’m going for at the moment!!

Anyway, the suit is on and off I go to my appointment whch is about a 45 minute drive away. Once seated in the car, all feels ok.

I get to my client a little early (always do) and at the allotted time I go in.

Decision – do I mention Cecil (not use his name, that would be weird) in case he farts or do I wait for him to fart and then mention him?

I decide that attack is the best form of defence and explain my predicament. This appointment is one that I had to put off due to being hospitalised and the client asks if I’m better now. This was my cue to explain and she was fine with my explanation.

About fifteen minutes later, Cecil decided to introduce himself so it looks like I made the right decision! The client was absolutely fine and neither she nor I felt embarrassed. Phew!

Home a while later for dinner and a bit of telly before bed.

It feels really good to be normal again.

I have another appointment in the morning, this one is a bit further away so means  I will be away from the ‘safety’ of home a bit longer but all part of getting used to Cecil and the possibility that I will have to complete a bag change away from home.  I don’t feel too worried by this prospect but something I’ve yet to do so we’ll see.

That’s it for today.










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