Day 20

Painkillers at 0400 but back to sleep quite quickly.

Off to my appointment for today which was in South West London. 1.5 hour journey plus about an hour for the appointment and the journey home again so will be away from home for the longest time since Cecil arrived.

A different suit today which seemed to be ok but I did loosen my belt once I was in the car to give Cecil a bit of room.

Arrived about half an hour early but was able to go into the client early so that was a result.

We were together about an hour and a half and then I left to come home.

The sat nav decided the it would take me back home through the centre of London ūüė° which increased my journey time considerably. ¬†Overall it took about two hours to get home. ¬†I was overdue painkillers and by the time I got home I was in agony.

I immediately took the tablets and waited for them to kick in before I could sit at my desk. The pain never really subsided and so I only managed about an hour and then had to lie down.

I hope this is not how it’s going to be as it’s extremely uncomfortable and makes completing any amount of work impossible. I think I may be approaching taking the much stronger painkillers that my consultant prescribed me. I was hoping to save them for when my treatment starts as the tumour (and therefore the pain) will increase in size. But, I simply cannot go on like this every day.

I had a call from my chemo nurse to say that my treatment will not now start until Wednesday next week. I was told that it would be Monday originally. They had an issue getting hold of the tablets so this has introduced the delay.

This was disappointing news as I really feel that I want to get going with the therapy and although it’s only two days, it’s still two days! No point getting grumpy with her as it’s not her fault but I think she could detect the disappointment in my voice.

Something that I have not yet mentioned is that I’m fortunate that I have a couple of insurance policies that I am making claims on. Given what I do for a living it’s no surprise! ¬†My consultant has now completed his part of the claim forms and they have been returned to the insurance companies. I just need to wait to see the outcome of the claims. For many years I have been preaching about the importance¬†of these Critical Illness policies. Believe me, I’d rather not be able to practice what I’ve preached but they will certainly help and take the financial pressures away to enable recovery to be the focus and not getting back to work. Particularly important for the self employed.

Lastly for today, messages of support continue to arrive. I have received get well cards from family, friends and clients. These are all really touching and the fact that people have taken the time to send cards and emails is really appreciated.

Here’s an email I received from a client that really touched me:

“Hi Patrick,
Haven’t spoke in a while, I just wanted to say get well soon my friend as a gaucho steak and that glass of red is still in order.

Thank you so much everything you’ve done for myself and my family Patrick, ¬†you mean a lot to us and myself.

Get well soon buddy and it would be a pleasure to meet up with you once your fit and well,

You got this Uncle Patrick ;)”

This email is from one of the members of a family that I have dealt with for many years and I am honoured that I’ve been able to help most of the family over the years.

Thank you to them for allowing me into their lives. I’m a lucky man, I’ve got a job that I enjoy (most of the time!!) and I deal with some great people and best of all, I get paid for talking, drinking coffee and sometimes eating cake!!

Life ain’t that bad, you know.

Bye for today.



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