Day 25 -Treatment day 2

Not a great night. Up at 0300 for a pee, took a few attempts at going!! Painkillers at 0330. Then wide awake so got up at 0500 to go downstairs. Ended up sleeping on the sofa till 0700.

The new routine is now drink plenty until 0915 then empty bladder then refill with 500ml of water and then not go again until after I’ve had my radiotherapy. By doing it this way it means I don’t have to wait around at the clinic. In fact, I was only there for about 30 minutes today.

Usual routine on the therapy is CT scan to make sure I’m in the correct position, then the radiotherapy which only takes two minutes. Then home.

The hurdle for me to overcome now is pain. As the tumour swells before it shrinks, the pain increases. I’m now having to use more of the stronger painkillers. I’m now finding it hard to sit for any reasonable length of time as it’s just so uncomfortable.

However, this is actually a good sign as it means the therapy is working and it feels like the tumour is not very happy about it!

I had a client meeting at 1600, and within my normal text message to confirm it’s still convenient for me to go, I now ask if there are any coughs, sniffles or colds in the house as I need to avoid germs. The client text back to say her daughter has a chest infection, do I go or stay away? I wasn’t sure so called my chemo nurse and explained, her advice was to stay away. I text the client back and explained why I was asking and she told me to stay away anyway – for health reasons, not just stay away anyway!!

I have got to be strict on this and although frustrating, it is only for a few weeks and better to be safe than sorry, I don’t really want a cold or flu on top of everything else.

This new routine appears to be settling in and only 23 more treatments to go, not that I’m counting……….

Bye for now.



4 thoughts on “Day 25 -Treatment day 2

  1. Just a thought, but could you not use Skype for those clients you can’t see in person because of having to void infection?


      1. I’m sure your clients would agree to Skype under the circumstances as opposed to not seeing you at all.


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