Day 26 -Treatment Day 3

Usual night, up for the loo, painkillers, sleep break then back to bed, slept through till about 0630.

Pain was the worst it’s been so far so had to take the stronger painkillers.

Had an email from my oncologist to say that he wants to see me next week and every week to check on progress. I told him that I was getting much more pain from the tumour and he confirmed that it will get worse before it gets better. So, it’s doing what is expected. He also asked if I needed stronger painkillers and I explained that the ‘bum doctor’ (that’s what he does rather than a comment on his abilities!!) had given me some co codamol but I was trying to use them sparingly as they give you constipation. I asked if he was able to give me anything else and I’m just waiting to hear back from him.

Off to the clinic for my radiotherapy with what I thought was a fairly full bladder. Once the treatment was complete the radiologist said that I was on the border of the bladder being too full! Will have to drink a little less tomorrow me thinks. He also said that they may start a bit earlier tomorrow so the bladder won’t have had so much time to refill.

Other than that, all went as planned.

I had a client meeting planned for 1845 but when confirming it the client said that his wife had the flu. So, another night in and will have to reschedule for next week.

Friends called over in the afternoon to drop off an anniversary card and gifts, it’s our 14th wedding anniversary tomorrow, sadly we won’t be able to go out and do what we would normally do, a nice meal or go and see a show, but we can do that once I’m over this treatment.  We’re slowly building a list of things we’ve had to postpone and I look forward to ticking them all off as completed once these next few weeks are out of the way.

Who’d have thought that when we stood there 14 years ago and said our vows, that 14 years later we would have both had a cancer diagnosis?

They say that you only get sent trials that you can cope with, we’re lucky, we’re coping ok at the moment, together we’re strong and as I’ve said before I wouldn’t want to share this journey with anybody else. I’m a lucky guy, with the support of family, friends and  my clients.

So, so far so good, fingers crossed it stays that way.

Thank you for reading, it really does help to share.



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