Days 27 & 28 – Treatment days 4 &5

Groundhog days, up early for painkillers, then back to bed.

Getting into a good routine with the radiotherapy now and have been congratulated on my bladder preperation! I was hoping for a certificate but got nothing! The bladder ‘thing’ is important as it pushes the bowel out of way so that the x rays don’t impact too heavily on it. This is important as too much radiotherapy on the bowel will mean a much looser output which I would quite like to avoid.

In addition to the pain from the tumour I’m also now developing achy buttocks, (oooh, I say!) I think this is a combination of the tumour, me not sitting in a good position (as I need to try not to sit too squarely as it hurts!) and the radiotherapy, which, Dr Google appears to suggest is a side effect. I’ve also emailed my oncologist and he has said that it’s quite likely that it’s the tumour swelling and the radiotherapy that is giving the pain. It comes in waves and sometimes can be really intense. I’ll be much happier when I can properly get on top of this situation as it is very wearing.

On Friday I had a blood test and on Monday I will get the results. Provided my blood ‘numbers’ are ok I will then be given the next weeks supply of chemo tablets. As I write this (Saturday morning) it seems weird not clock watching to get the bowel preparation correct and taking my chemo tablets. Strange how quickly you get into a new routine.

Next week I’m also looking forward to getting out and completing some client meetings, last week I could only complete one as all of the others were postponed due to the clients being unwell, as you know, whilst I’m on chemo I have to avoid germs as my immune system  will be compromised.  I think I will have to complete some meetings either by telephone or FaceTime/Skype so that I can complete what I need to be doing for my clients.

So, I’m 20% complete, just another 20 days to do.  So far, no real side effects. My understanding is that if I’m going to get some, they will kick in during next and the following week. Let’s hope they stay away!

In the meantime I’m going to enjoy my two days off and hope that we all have a good weekend.

Bring on week 2!














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