Days 29 & 30 – Treatment days off!

Not much to report really. Same old routine up early, back to bed etc. 

No treatment over the weekend (woo hoo!). Didn’t do much really, was just nice to spend some quiet time with Paula, who, coincidentally has picked up a cold. 

Plans are afoot for us to sleep in separate rooms till she’s better. The chemo nurses advised us to do this so that we’re not at such close range during the night. It’ll seem weird but necessary. Paula feels bad that’s she caught it but absolutely nobody’s fault, it’s just one of those things. Hopefully I can avoid it, we’ll see. 

The plan for tomorrow is to get to the clinic for 0900, get the results of Friday’s blood test and if all ok, get my chemo tablets for the coming week then back every day for my radiotherapy. 

Overall I’m still feeling ok about things, but really hope that this pain subsides soon. I’ve got some client meetings planned for this week that I would quite like to do and not be in pain whilst I’m doing them!! 

That’s it for today, next post (I hope!) will be to confirm that I’m back on the tablets. 

Week two, here we come!!



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