Day 31 – Treatment day 6

A good nights sleep, up at 0400 for the loo and painkillers. Straight back to sleep and slept through virtually to the alarm.

Off to the clinic for 0900 to get the results of my blood test which checks that I’m tolerating the chemo. The good news is that all is ok and I’m good to go for another week. Managed to get my tablets down for 0930 and have to wait for an hour before I can have the radiotherapy.

As I have mentioned previously, I have to have the right amount of fluid in my bladder ready for the therapy and and at 1030 I went in for the treatment, I was busting for the loo and the room was absolutely freezing! The machine takes a CT scan first and this revealed that my bladder was too full!

So, I had to empty my bladder and then drink a small amount of water and wait for 20 minutes.

Back into the treatment room and this time all was ok but my bladder was nearly too full again!

I was getting it spot on last week but because I had to start earlier today, it seemed to have mucked up my routine, hopefully tomorrow I will get it right again.

Back home afterwards to get some work done.

I confirmed my client meeting for the evening but later in the afternoon my client text me to say that her daughter had returned from college with a sore throat! Another meeting I couldn’t attend. I was actually pleased that she thought to tell me.

Rather than rescheduling I suggested we complete the meeting via video (FaceTime) so we completed it as planned at 1900.

Although it works, it’s not the same as a face to face meeting so I think I will have to pick which meetings/clients to use this technology with. That said, it does streamline the process and no traffic!!

Interestingly this clients father was diagnosed with bowel cancer three years ago which was picked up from a postal screening. He had received a screening pack through the post previously but hadn’t bothered to return it.

When another one turned up he thought he’d better return that one. Good job he did!

There’s a moral here somewhere!

If in doubt, get it checked out, I’m so glad I did.

I have another video meeting planned for  Thursday. This is a client that I have already put off three times due to hospital appointments and last week I wasn’t able to go as the client was unwell. I rescheduled for this week only for that then to clash with my oncologist wanting to see me!!

Fortunately the client understands my situation and is very flexible.

So, I’m back on the tablets. Week two is underway and let’s hope the dreaded side effects stay away.

So far, so good.

Last quick thought for today.

Whilst I was at the clinic today, there was guy in the treatment room next to me. He was having chemo via a Hickman Line.

I was struck by one thing. Laughter. I was chatting to my nurse whilst she was checking my results and completing my ‘obs’ and just chatting generally and the guy next door was doing the same and having a giggle about something. Both of us faced with probably the worst thing you can ever be told, that you have cancer, and yet, both seemed to be ‘enjoying’ being there. This is testament to the wonderful nurses that are caring for us but I think is also about a state of mind. You will be aware of the reaction you can have to any news, fight or flight.

I have decided to fight, as has the guy in the room next to me. For me there is no other option, I have lots yet to do, I have a wonderful family and the most wonderful wife to look after.  I can’t go anywhere, I’ve got people relying on me!!

“Life is not about avoiding the showers, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Bye for now.



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