Day 32 – Treatment day 7

Up at 0400 for the loo and painkillers, as usual!

Off to the clinic, prior to leaving I drank the required amount of water so that my bladder has the correct amount of fluid. Hopefully I can get it right first time today.

When I was called in at 1000, it felt a bit full but fingers crossed it’s ok. At the end of the treatment I was told it was a bit full but still ok to have the treatment. The nurse said that from tomorrow onwards, I need to empty my bladder and refill at 0930 rather than 0915 so that my bladder is not so full. Let’s hope that works, as by the time I get to have the treatment, it does start to get a bit uncomfortable.

On a Tuesday I have a radiotherapy review. This is similar to the chemo review that I have on a Monday. This is just to check that I’m not getting any unexpected side effects from the treatment. So far, so good, I just need to keep an eye out for any bladder issues, such as pain when I’m urinating or any blood.


The only issue I seem to be having is that I am passing a lot of mucus from my bottom. The nurse said that it’s likely a result of the radiotherapy. The body produces mucus to aid the passage of poo from the body. So, even though I’m no longer using my bottom my body is still producing the mucus. It could also be the body trying to heal itself from the radiotherapy and lastly the tumour reacting to being zapped every day. From the feel of it, it definitely does not like being zapped!!

I am assured that this is completely normal so I am not concerned, in fact passing this does actually help to get rid of some of the pain I’m getting.

Acording to the Colostomy Association (yes, there is one!) some people have to pass this mucus several times a day, others only a few times a month.

This is another thing to get used to, at least until I have my final surgery early next year. More on this nearer the time.

So, I’m back to the normal routine and looking forward to getting week two out of the way, here’s hoping for no side effects.

That’s it for today.  As always, thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “Day 32 – Treatment day 7

  1. Today the kids at Emily’s school will be taking part in their Terry Fox Run. See for more details.

    The kids were asked to write the names of the people that they were running for. Your name is the first in Emily’s list. She didn’t quite get the gist of who goes on the list as she also added me, Mary, David and Tina!


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