Days 33 & 34 – Treatment days 8 & 9

Not too much to report.

Treatment is still progressing well although at my last session I had too much fluid in my bladder so had to empty and refill again. Very tricky (it appears!) to get the fluid levels right. I was asked to wait about 15 minutes before going back in to try again but they had another patient to see and it was actually about 25 minutes before they came to get me.  “Have we left you too long?” the nurse asked me.  It certainly felt like I was going be too full again.

I suggested that I have a ‘small wee’ to let some fluid out. The (female) nurse said she thought men were very clever being able to stop mid flow. I said I had a very good pelvic floor!!

This is pressure though, how much to let out?

I actually thought I had let too much go but once I’d had the treatment she said that the amount in my bladder was perfect! I just now need to have the same amount every day. Wish me luck!!

The nurse explained that for some of the treatment they give, the patient needs to breath in and hold their breath whilst they are zapped. They have to have the same amount of air in their lungs every time. Now that is pressure (excuse the pun!).

I saw my oncologist as planned and he is happy with my progress and I just need to let him know if there are any issues with my treatment. He is in holiday for the next two weeks (fancy going away whilst I’m ill, how selfish!) but has said that he will be keeping an eye on his emails whilst he’s away. I can just email him if I need to and if required he will arrange for me to see a colleague. The excellent care I receive goes on.

Lastly for today, I had a lovely message from my brother who lives in Canada. My niece is completing a charity run as part of an annual event her school takes part in.  This raises funds for a cancer charity. They have to write a list of people that they are completing their run for and she has put my name at the top of her list.

Thank you Emily!

So, the end of week two is nearly upon me. So far, all appears to be going ok. I’ll need a blood test at the end of the week and then on Monday I will see the results as part of my chemo review on Monday morning.

Hopefully my blood numbers will be ok and I can get cracking with week three.

We’ll see.

Bye for now.
























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