Day 35 – Treatment day 10

Off to the clinic for my weekly blood test and my tenth round (to be medically correct, they are actually called fractions) of radiotherapy.

Bladder preperation is proving to be as tricky as trying to baptise a cat (I heard this term on the TV this week!) and today I didn’t have enough in my bladder. So, a twenty minute wait whilst I had some more to drink and then hope that it didn’t turn into having too much. Fortunately it was ok but was a bit bigger than they would have liked. It is important to get this right as if the bladder is too big it will get hit with the radiation and this can cause bladder problems now and potentially for the future. For obvious reasons, I’d quite like to avoid this.

Anyway, it all worked out ok in the end so that’s me done until Monday. Whilst I was there, they gave me next weeks supply of chemo tablets but I’m not allowed to take them until I’ve had my chemo review on Monday.

It appears that hitherto, I’ve not seen any side effects, although I may have the start of the dry fingers and hands that was mentioned. It may actually be that I’m just being over sensitive and looking out for this and they may have felt like they do even if I wasn’t on chemo. The next few days will tell, no issues with my feet so far so hopefully it’s not the chemo anyway.

So, it was back home and the main task of the day was to get back into my home office which we’ve had refitted this week.  Not only have Paula & I been sleeping in separate bedrooms, we’ve also been working in seperate offices! Paula in the dining room and me in the spare bedroom!

Now the office refit has been completed, we can now move back in. Time to get the computers etc back and sort out what seems like millions of cables. Towards the end of the day everything was back up and running and just the cable tidying to be done now.

I also took the trouble to chase up both of the claims I’ve made on the two critical illness policies that I have. One is still waiting for my GP to return some information they requested and the other has agreed the claim and I will have the payment in the next few days.

As you know, I advise clients to take out these policies as I really do believe they offer good protection and by their very nature, one never knows if you’re going to need them. The thought of course, is, will they actually ever pay out and how arduous a process would it be?

On both of the policies I have, I have only filled in one claim form for each of them which were only a few pages. I’m fortunate that my consultant has been excellent in returning his part of the forms in a timely fashion. I have experience (professionally) of dealing with both GP’s and consultants and have to say, they are not well known for being on top of this sort of stuff, so I’m pleased I got a good one. I’m lucky as well that both the colorectal surgeon and oncologist are happy to comminicate by email which makes things easier too.

So, from claim to payment it’s been about five weeks. Not too bad.

I mentioned yesterday that my niece in Canada was completing a charity run for a cancer charity. She’s only seven years old so it was actually a walk rather than a run. All of the competitors wear a badge that says I’m running for……..and on her badge she’d written ‘Uncle Patrick’. A really lovely thing to do and I was pleased to be able to sponsor her. Well done and thank you Emily.

Lastly for today a little humour.

Whilst we were having lunch, I mentioned to Paula that I had not seen one of our cats for a while. She’s quite old now and doesn’t wander very far (the cat, not Paula!) so it’s unusual for her not to appear, particularly at lunchtime!

We looked in all of the usual places she would be sleeping and couldn’t find her anywhere. We looked in our garage, we looked in our neighbours garage, I went for a walk round the block to check she wasn’t wandering around lost, Paula went round the block again later on to see if she could see her. Nothing. Whilst Paula was out, I went into very room shaking a box of her favourite biscuits and shouting ner name (she’s a bit deaf) but to no avail.

I said to Paula that if she’s not reappeared by the morning, I would print some flyers and put them through the nearby houses asking them to check sheds & garages.

This was going to be a worrying evening.

As we were getting dinner ready, for some reason I decided to check in the cupboard under the stairs. Paula had already checked this twice. I opened the door and she was not there. This cupboard goes right under the stairs so is quite deep. I don’t know why but I shone a torch right to the back of the cupboard and there she was, all bleary eyed, wondering what all the fuss was about!!

What a relief! She sauntered out and went for a drink. If I wasn’t on chemo I’d be doing the same. Alcohol is one of the things that you are discouraged from consuming whilst on treatment. I’ve got a few bottles lined up for when I’m finished though.

At 2100 I took my chemo tablets. So, that is week two completed. I now have two days off and then we’re onto week three, assuming my blood numbers are ok on Monday morning.

Thats it, have a good weekend, thanks for reading.



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