Day 38 – Treatment day 11

At the clinic for 0900 for my chemo review. Blood numbers are all as expected, blood pressure perfect and I haven’t lost any weight. I’ve never been so healthy!!

Had to wait for an hour before I could have my radiotherapy which went ok. Not quite enough fluid in my bladder at the first attempt so had to wait for 10 minutes and then try again. All ok at the second attempt.

The tumour is starting to feel different. I can’t feel it as much when sitting down and it doesn’t seem to be giving quite as much pain as it has of late.

I also didn’t need quite as many painkillers as I have been taking. In fact, I took one of the painkillers at lunchtime and was planning on taking the other later but in the end didn’t take it until I got home after a client meeting  at about 2000.

Very interesting meeting as the the client I was seeing had prostate cancer 18  months ago. We got chatting about how we felt when diagnosed and the treatment  we have had. He didn’t have any chemotherapy but did have a very long course of radiotherapy I think he said 8 months. Made me feel quite fortunate that I only have five weeks!

This week feels a bit more normal as I have a few client meetings both face to face and over the telephone. If the pain continues to subside (let’s hope I’m not speaking too soon!) it will make everything a bit easier.

Later this week I have an appointment with my stoma nurse. I haven’t mentioned Cecil much lately. This is because he’s been working well and definitely in a routine now. He works a couple of times a day, with the ‘main event’ first thing in the morning which fits into my routine very nicely.

I feel very lucky that he has settled down so quickly and hope that this continues.

The appointment with the stoma nurse is just a review to check everything is ok.

So, one day into week three and I’m feeling quite well, in a couple of days time I will officially be over half way through the treatment.

Thanks for reading!





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