Day 39 – Treatment day 12

Slept right through to 0515, the best nights sleep I’ve had for a long time, felt really well rested.

Over to the clinic for my radiotherapy. Trying to get the bladder preparation correct first time, but failed! Not quite enough again so had to wait for 10 minutes whilst it filled to the correct amount.

Once back home I had quite a bit of work to get through and also to get prepared for both of my client meetings, one by phone, one face to face.

Later in the day, my face to face to client emailed me to say that they all had colds, so I wasn’t able to go. I completed the meeting over the phone instead.

Really pleased that they thought to tell me; I’d seen them face to face previously so they knew my situation.

People that are in the know have been really good in letting me know if they are ‘germy’, it may be that I’m being a little over sensitive but I’d rather do that than take the chance and end up with a cold or the flu.

All in all a good day and it’s good to be back into a bit of normality.

My pain hasn’t been quite so bad so I’m hoping this is a trend that will continue.

Week three continues and tomorrow will be my 13th bout of radiotherapy so I will be officially over half way through!!

Woo hoo!



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