Day 42 -Treatment Day 15

A very broken nights sleep having to get up for the toilet several times.

All this extra fluid drinking is taking it’s toll!!

My Friday routine is blood test and then radiotherapy. My blood was taken (or at least attempted)  by a health care assistant. I’m not sure if this was the first time she’d done it but I could feel her trembling as she tried. Absolutely no problem for me, we’ve all got to learn. Her first attempt was unsuccessful so she swapped to my other arm and although the needle went in, very little blood came out. I’m not sure the needle was at the right angle. In the end the chemo nurse took over and she got the blood out first time with no problem. I hope the HCA wasn’t too downhearted and I’m sure she’ll be more successful next time.

So, the next question. Was my bladder full enough or too full?  I had drunk an hour before radiotherapy and drunk much more than previous days. It certainly felt fuller.

The radiotherapy machine takes a scan first to check all is ok and then there is a delay before the radiotherapy actually commences. A long delay normally means there is a problem and this time the delay was long. I was expecting the radiologist to come back in and say too full. However, the machine then started the therapy.

When it was finished, the radiologist explained that my bladder was the perfect size but was sitting in a different position to how it is normally, that was the reason for the delay as they had to decide if it was safe to continue. As it turns out, it was actually in a better position as it was further away from the tumour site so much safer for the bladder as less likely to be hit by the x rays.

Back home to work and at the end of the day took my last chemo tablets for the week.

So, that’s week three done!

Two days off of treatment now and much less worry about how much I’m drinking!

Monday is blood test results and if all ok back on the chemo and back to the radiotherapy. Fingers crossed all will be well.

I hope you all have a good weekend!



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