Day 45 – Treatment Day 16

Blood test results were absolutely fine, blood pressure etc all ok so back on the chemo for week four.

As usual, had to wait an hour before my radiotherapy.

Bladder too full! They had slipped me in a bit early so I had to let some out, as always, how much to let out is a problem, then had to wait whilst they treated the next patient. By the time I was called back in, I felt a bit full. The scan revealed the bladder was too full again.

So, this time, I had to empty completely and then refill and wait half an hour before the third and final attempt; they will only perform a maximum of three scans in one day.

As I went back in I said to the radiologist that I felt a bit full. He was happy to risk it and thankfully this time it was ok, albeit a little on the full side.

He explained that as they are treating in an oval around my middle they have to try and get the contour the same size all the way around. If the bladder is too full, it pushes the stomach out towards the front of the body which means that the contour around my middle is bigger than at the back, which, in turn decreases the effectiveness of the treatment. This is why it has to be fairly precise every day.

Having got to the clinic at 0930 we left at about 1300! A long day.

But, I’d rather wait and get the correct treatment than rush and then find out it hasn’t worked properly.

The really good news is that the tumour feels like it’s shrinking, I won’t go into how I know, just take my word for it!! As I have said previously, the pain is less now and I’m actually not taking painkillers before bed and seem to be sleeping better.

The previous problem of ‘need to pee, can’t pee’ seems to be gone and although I’m still getting up during the night to go, I can now just go without having to wait five minutes. This is a relief in every sense of the word, I think I now know how many tiles there are on the wall of the bathroom, as, when you’re standing there at 0300 in the morning waiting to ‘go’, you’ve got to do something and as they are no sheep in the bathroom, well, you get the idea……

Lastly for today, on the news today there were saying that the NHS is upgrading some of it’s radiotherapy machines. Interestingly, they are upgrading to the same type of machine that is delivering my treatment, more here:

These machines are able to deliver very accurate doses and to a very precise tumour location. For me and my tumour this is really important as around the pelvis there are some very important organs that don’t take very kindly to being zapped!

My radiographer tells each these machines are about £1,000,000, but that does include installation, but you don’t get a free gift with the order. Shame, I’d have ordered one if you got a pen or a carriage clock!



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