Days 46 & 47 – Treatment days 17 & 18

All seems to be heading in the right direction. Still not sleeping right through and in fact, I seem to be getting up more during the night (three times in the last couple of nights) but it’s all over very quickly and I can get back to bed and, as the pain is less, get straight back to sleep. I’m also now sleeping through to the alarm, rather than laying in bed awake for ages and then getting up daft o clock!

I still have pain but it’s different. The tumour doesn’t appear to be giving the pain now, I think the skin around the anus (sorry) is a bit inflamed due to the zapping every day and that is becoming a bit painful but not to the extent that the tumour was giving.

At the clinic, bladder preparation is still very hit and miss, but yesterday it was right first time! There was much celebration by all concerned. Really getting to know the radiologists now and in a funny way, I’m going to miss seeing them every day when this is all over.

I had a  email from my oncologist who is actually on holiday, just checking that I’m doing ok, a nice touch. We’ve agreed to do the next ‘consultation’ by phone, at his suggestion. It does seems a bit daft to take a slot just to say “I’m fine”. I think if I was not tolerating the treatment as well as I seem to be, it would be more sensible to see each other, but I’m happy to do the phone if he is.

This is mirroring what I’m doing with some of my work appointments and at this rate, I may have to sell the car and just get a better phone!

I haven’t mentioned Cecil for a while but he continues to do ‘his thing’ and I’m  very happy with the way things are going in that department. I’ve just placed my second order for supplies, a very painless exercise, well done the NHS.

I also now have my prescription charge exemption card, again, completely painless, just one form to sign and it arrived a few days later.

All in all I have very little to complain about, yes, I’d  rather not have cancer, yes, I’d rather not have met Cecil, yes, I’d rather not put Paula and the rest of my family and friends through the worry and heartache but as I’ve said from day one (46 days ago!), consider the alternative.  I don’t fancy that too much either.

Have a great day folks!






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