Day 48 – Treatment Day 19

Up three times during the night for the loo, but as per my post yesterday, quickly back to sleep each time and slept through till the alarm.

Stuck with the same drinking ‘protocol’ as the day before as it seemed to work to get the bladder preparation correct. Will it work??

We’re now waiting about an hour and fifteen minutes for the water to work it’s way down to my bladder. As the treatment continues, the bladder becomes more sensitive and it can take longer for fluid to get to it.

So, we go in and you can feel the tension, will it be too full, or not full enough? I felt confident.

As you know, the machine takes a scan first, this shows whether the bladder is full enough or needs more fluid. There is then a short delay whilst the scan is looked at. If all is well, the table on which I lay, tilts slightly, then the radiotherapy begins. Generally, a long delay between the two means the bladder is not right.

Today, not a very long delay and then the table tilted, phew!


That’s now two days in a row, can we do three in row? Time will tell.

Had a very interesting chat with the radiologist today. He was explaining how correct doses of radiotherapy was first arrived at.

Whilst it sounds rather bizarre, it was helped by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Scientists were trying to calculate how much radiation a human body can cope with.

They consulted the survivors of the attack and plotted how far away they were from the epicentre and from that were able to calculate the dose of radiation they took. They continued to monitor these people for the rest of their lives to see what effects their particular dose of radiation had on their bodies.

So, it seems from evil, came some good and those of us that have received or are receiving radiotherapy should feel very grateful to those that helped refine this lifesaving treatment we now have access to.

This gives a bit more information on the studies that were and are still being performed:

I am now nearly at the end of week four, just one more week to go.

Thanks as always, for reading.



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