Day 49 – Treatment Day 20

Slept right through to 0530, feels like a real lie in!

So, today’s question is, can I get the bladder right first time three days in a row?

First job at the clinic is to have my blood test to make sure that I’m able to take the chemo next week, I’ll get the results on Monday, I’m hoping all will be well.

Then on to radiotherapy, bladder felt right and I was quietly confident.

The machine took the scan, the short delay before either the treatment starting or being told the bladder is not right seems to go on forever.

Then, the table tilts, oh yes, I’ve cracked it, three days in a row!!!

There should definately be a prize for achieving this. I was rewarded with a ‘high five’ from my radiographer (hello Martin!), it does feel good to get it right first time.

At 2100 the very best view of the week…..


That’s the end of chemo for week four!

As usual I get the weekend off and on Monday, assuming that my blood numbers are ok, I start week five, my final week of chemo & radiotherapy.

The last four weeks seem to have flown by. In fact, my chemo nurse said that she had to check that they had counted the week numbers correctly as they thought it had gone quickly too.

So far (touches wood) I’ve had no real side effects and my hope is that if I was going to get any they would have been here by now. I say it all the time but I am so, so, lucky to have got through the treatment so far with no issues. Hopefully, this last week ahead will not see any side effects rear their heads!

I’m scheduled to speak with my oncologist next week and my plan is to ask what his plan is for the eight weeks ‘rest’ I will have from treatment once this last week is out of the way.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a good weekend.

Week five here I come!!


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