Day 53 – Treatment day 22

Last night was up three times for the loo, think that’s a record!  Quickly back to sleep though, thankfully.

Off to the clinic, can I get the bladder preparation right?  I went in feeling confident and I’m pleased to report that my confidence was well placed!  Phew!

Saw my chemo nurse for the last time (at least for now, may need more chemo once I’ve had the surgery next year) and she completed my chemo ‘bible’.  This is a book that they complete each week with the various observation results they complete on the chemo review each week and also note the blood numbers. This is important as, in the event that I have to go to hospital or to see my GP, it tells the medics all they need to know about my treatment.

I even got a smiley face for my last week!


I actually felt quite emotional saying goodbye (still not coping with people being nice to me!) but they are there anytime I need them in the future, especially whilst I am on my eight week break.

Also had my last radiotherapy review.  All is OK, other than my urinary flow being a bit slow. This is due to the bladder getting irritated by the therapy and should settle down once I’m finished.  A small price to pay to get rid of this tumour though.

So, not much further to go now, it will seem a bit weird not going to the clinic every day, but, that’s just another new routine to get used to, getting back to normal for a few weeks.

Have a good day folks!





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