Day 55 – Treatment day 24

I think I could literally copy & paste the first few lines from yesterday, broken nights sleep blah, blah, blah….

I continued my run of successful bladder preparation and got it right first time (again!), although a little bigger than previous days, but still OK to proceed with the radiotherapy.

This was my penultimate day, so tomorrow is day 25, the last day.

It feels like its going to be an emotional day, strangely.

I remember one of the first times I went to the clinic for treatment and a lady came out of the double doors that lead to the treatment area, her arms in the air in celebration at ending her treatment.

It felt like it would take forever for me to reach that stage, but here I am, it’s gone so quick.

So, you will have worked out by now that I write each day a day behind, so today, Friday, I am writing about Thursday.  I have just had to stop writing to drink my 500ml of water that I have to drink one hour before my treatment.

The latest ‘protocol’ that seems to work is to drink a glass of water at 0830, then pee at 0900, then drink 500ml at 0900 with my chemo tablets (all five of them!), followed by another glass of water. Then when I get to the clinic, drink another two ‘beakers’ of water and then, by 1000/1015 I’m ready!

I have to say, I won’t miss this part of the routine – see what you put us through Martin & the rest of the rads (as they are called, short for radiologists)??

A small price to pay for getting the treatment to get rid of this tumour.

Haven’t heard from my oncologist yet so still not sure what the next eight weeks will be like but I’m sure I will speak to him soon.

Anyway, here it is, the very last day, we got there, knowing you are reading this has really helped.  I owe many people lots of thanks for their practical and emotional support, thank you seems too small a word, but it’s all we have.

So, thank you.






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