Day 56 – Treatment Day 25 – Final Day!

Well, here we are, about to embark upon the last day.

First thing in the morning and I already feel quite emotional about today. We have a thank you card and some nice chocolates to give the team that have been treating me. Just a small way to show our appreciation of the superb care and kindness I have been shown. Actually, not just me, they have looked out for Paula too.

The last bladder preparation, not something I’m going to miss!

Went through to the treatment room feeling confident and very pleased to say, I nailed it! As I’ve said previously, it almost seems a shame that it’s ending as I’m just starting to get the hang of it!

So, what have I been up to all these weeks. Below is a picture of the machine that has been used to treat me. It’s called a Linear Accelerator .

30629626-361c-43b9-9067-1953dfbbf0f6At first glance it may look a bit scary but the process is completely painless. You lay on the table and the machine moves around you. The head that is sitting at the top is the part that delivers the x rays.

The nice thing about laying on the table is that the sun is always shining!


I guess for those patients that are nervous about their treatment, it helps them to feel calm.

The whole process only takes a few minutes, so not really anything to worry about.

Once the treatment was completed I just needed my final blood test to make sure I was still tolerating the treatment ok.

Then it was time to say goodbye and thank you. I managed to say  thank you without any tears, but it came close!

Such wonderful people who do a great job.

As I said yesterday, thank you doesn’t seem enough but it’s all we have.

At 2100 I took my last chemo tablets and that, as they say, is that, I’m done!

Had a call from my oncologist and he will see me in four weeks just to check that I am well and that no side effects have arisen . Four weeks after that I will have a CT and an MRI scan to check that he tumour has shrunk and that there is no cancer anywhere else. Assuming that is ok I will then be handed back to my consultant for him to arrange the surgery to remove the tumour. I anticipate that the surgery will be completed mid to late January.

The only other apppintment I have now is to see a urologist next week. He came to see me whilst I was in hospital following the surgery to form my stoma. He was called to see me as I was unable to pee after the general anaesthetic. At that time, you will recall, I was having the want to pee, can’t pee issue. I’m pleased to report that that issue has now gone away so I don’t think there will be anything to follow after seeeing the urologist but as well to see him to make sure he’s happy with my current situation.

Other than that, I guess there is going to be fair amount of ‘radio silence’ as I’m hoping that I won’t really have too much to say in the next four weeks.

If I’m able to think of anything remotely interesting to say, I will say it!

It just remains for me to say thank you for coming on this trip with me. It does help to know that you are reading this.

I also want to say thanks to those people that have kept me company on the trips to the clinic every day, you know who you are!

My biggest thank you must go to Paula. She’s been a wonderful emotional support and has cared for me with no complaints. This was especially appreciated when the tumour was at its most painful and on some occasions rendered me unable to do very much.

I know it’s been difficult for those around me who are powerless and feel that there is nothing they can do to help. But, you have helped just by being there in support of both me and Paula. It means a lot and we can never repay you for what you’ve given us.

It’s not over yet, however, there will be a period of hiatus whilst the next four weeks tick by.

It’s back to my normal life for a while, I’m going to miss my trips to the clinic each morning, well, actually, I’m going to miss the biscuits and free newspapers!!

Have a good weekend!






4 thoughts on “Day 56 – Treatment Day 25 – Final Day!

  1. My dear friend Pat, I have admired your positivity and courage throughout this process.
    You’re one of the good guys and it is an honour to be your friend. Love you mate.


      1. I have been following your progress , really pleased you are doing well , your blog has been very informative and brave with your detail , but this will help many people in the same position I’m sure, Iv enjoyed your funny bits . 😀
        Good luck
        Hope to see you soon
        Take care
        Nicky and Kelvin Willis


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