Day 61

Today was a visit to the urologist. This was following him seeing me whilst I was in hospital having the stoma formed. He was concerned that my bladder had become too full and that there may have been an underlying problem.

I told him that the ‘want to pee, can’t pee’ problem has now disappeared and I was happy with the situation now, albeit the flow is a bit slow.

He wanted to complete a flow test, not quite sure what this entailed but they have a machine that measures it. Not sure how it works but you pee into a funnel that somehow measures the rate at which the container underneath fills.

The result was that my flow rate is 10ml per second. Normal for my age is 14ml per second. Whilst is is slow, it could be down to the effects of the radiotherapy and may well still improve.

Next was a bladder scan to ensure that the bladder is emptying ok. I was left with 40ml which is very good.

He then suggested he examined my prostate, I won’t go into too much detail as to how this is completed but suffice to say, I wish he had smaller fingers!!!

He wasn’t able to feel the prostate too well as the tumour is in the way, he did have a good go however, quite uncomfortable.

So, in summary he feels there is nothing to worry about and no need for any further follow up appointments.

So this is good news and relieved that all is well in that department.

My next apppointment will be to see my oncologist in a few weeks time.

That’s it for now.

Have a good day.



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