Day 112 – Scans

Unbelievably it’s now been eight weeks since I finished my treatment and I went to the hospitals yesterday for my ‘follow up’ scans.  I say hospitals as I had to have a CT scan at the private hospital that treated me and an MRI scan at my local NHS hospital. The reason for this is that the NHS MRI scanner gets better pictures than the one at the private hospital.

As I’ve had both of these scans before, no real worries and both scans went as expected.

It was a good insight into the pressures that the staff in the NHS are under when compared to the private sector. These people really do a fantastic job under very difficult conditions and are to be admired, especially at this time of the year when those of us that do ‘office based’ jobs are enjoying a reasonable amount of time off work whilst they are continuing to help us when we need them.

I will see my oncologist next Thursday evening, (5th Jan) to get the results of these scans.  We need them to show that the tumour has shrunk and that the cancer has not spread to any other places.  That being the case, I will be referred back to my consultant for him to arrange the surgery to remove the tumour.  This surgery I think will be performed at the NHS hospital as it is reasonably ‘big’ surgery and they have better facilities in the event of things going awry, i.e blood bank, intensive care etc etc.

I feel really well at the moment and in line with tradition for this time of the year, have eaten my own body weight in food!

Cecil is still working well and causing reasonable amounts of hilarity by passing wind when I am in a quiet room with other people!

Other than that there is no other news, it’s all about the 5th January now, I expect the news to be good but whatever the news is, I will just have to get on with it and do as I am told in order to deal with whatever I am faced with.

That’s it for now folks, I will blog again after the 5th Jan!



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