Days 132 & 133 – days 1&2 post op

So this is the morning after the day before and first thing the consultant came to see me to check how I was doing. He seemed pleased with how I looked.  As you would expect regular observations to make sure all my numbers are ok and nothing is heading in the wrong direction. 

I’m on a ward with other bowel surgery patients, mostly older guys some who seem to have been in quite a long time. 

Having not had a lengthy anaesthetic before I was quite groggy and spent the day snoozing in between visits from family and friends, it was good to see them and for them to take the trouble to come and see me, much appreciated. 

Paula seemed calmer knowing that the surgery had gone well and it’s just recovery now. 

During my first night on the ward the chap opposite had a rough night and seemed to spend the whole night with hiccups. He was then quite unwell and had to have a tube inserted down his nose so they can feed him as he didn’t appear to be tolerating food. 

Not really the sort of thing you want to experience on your first night on the ward, I hoped that wouldn’t be my fate!

Other than that it was peaceful(ish) night. 

The next day (2 days post op) I developed quite a bit of trapped wind.  I think this is as a result of having a low fibre diet over the weekend and the drugs that I was given both during and after the operation. One of these is morphine given via a PCA (patient controlled analgesia). You just press a button on a pump when you need more pain relief. Morphine is a constipater so not very helpful when you have a stoma and are trying to maintain soft output!

At times the pain was almost unbearable especially when turning over in bed, which I have to do quite often as I cannot lay on my backside as that is where the wound is. 

I can tell you, it was a long night with very little sleep and at times thinking, “why did I even have this operation, I was getting on just fine”. 

I think because all of the other procedures I’ve had have been quite ‘easy’ this feels like a biggy. I’m not going to lie, this road I’m on is a tough one. I’m not enjoying it at all!

Anyway the morning came and it appears that Cecil was trying to ‘go’ for most of the night which is where the pain was coming from and the output was far from soft. I’ve been given peppermint water to drink which is very good for aiding digestion and it seems to be easing it a bit, a welcome relief. It’s still there but not quite as bad. 

I was also given a Pico dressing on the wound.  This is what they call a negative pressure dressing. It creates a vacuum over the wound and absorbs any moisture to try and negate the wound breaking down. This is a concern on days 5&6 I’m told but by using the Pico dressing now, the hope is that the wound will heal quicker and not break down. Let’s hope it works. 

All in all, the pain I’m getting is not from the wound but more this trapped wind and stoma pain so if I can this to go in the next day or two I should be ok. 

As always, the care I’m getting is excellent, and I couldn’t ask for better. 

Now if I could get my own room, that would be the icing on the cake!

That’s about it for now, I will have forgotten some details due to anaesthetic stupour but think I’ve got most of it down. 

Thanks as always for reading. 

The recovery continues. 



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