Day 136 – 5 days post op

It’s official, I’m going home tomorrow! It’s not with some caution and plenty of thought but as I said yesterday, at some point I must be freed from this imprisonment. 

I’ve now decided that overnight they’ve moved me to the ward for ear surgery, as all of the other residents are deaf!! There’s a new lady in the room next to me and she’s has been regaling the entire building with her thoughts on many subjects including, but not limited to, Donald Trump, Bariatric surgery and the many faults ( in her opinion) with the NHS. 

Couple this with the near deafening noise from Mr WWF and he’s frequent phone calls (all on loud speaker, of course) to his lady friend, it makes for a peaceful period of recuperation. 

Anyway, back to the matter in hand, and, on that subject….

This morning I was given my anti biotic through the large cannula in my arm and within a few seconds of it going in, the pain was excruciating and it looked like it was bleeding under the skin. It was certainly bleedin painful, my hand felt like it was on fire and about to explode. I had to bleep the nurse to come and and take it out and once out the pain subsided. As I write now, (1730) the vein still feels tender but not that painful. 

A good start to the day I thought. 

Cecil appears to be working again now, I’m still getting a bit of pain from what feels like trapped wind when I eat but I’m guessing that’s because I spend most of my time on my back or side, certainly not sitting in a chair. That feels like a few years off yet. 

Paula and her Mum came to see me today and brought lunch which was very nice. 

Whilst they were here my consultant came to see me (yes, they do work on Saturdays) as he has done every day since I was admitted. A quick check to make sure I’m ok and to confirm that I’m going home in the morning. I’m to see him in clinic on Monday evening and he will then take the Pico dressing off and remove the drain. On Tuesday morning I can have a shower (woo hoo!!). I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to getting home and washing every trace of the hospital off of me!

We asked about when the results of the testing of what they removed will be known.  He thinks maybe Thursday and depending on what they show, will determine if I need any other chemotherapy or not. Let’s hope it’s a not. 

I also asked a few questions about the logistics of the procedure and I mentioned that I’d had a quick YouTube search but stopped watching when I saw the size of the incision once it was opened up!! He said when I’ve recovered I should have a look if I’m still interested. I will be. Hopefully he can point me in the right direction, I think it’s really important (for me, anyway) to understand what’s been done to me. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted anyone else removing my insides.  I trust him implicitly. I was going to say “with my life”, but I guess I’ve kinda already done that. 

I think to be a good surgeon, you need to have good people skills too. You certainly wouldn’t want to be operated on by somebody that was hyper all the time or dropped their glasses the first time you met them! 

I cannot praise him enough, a special man. 

So, we’re all set. 

I’m looking forward to getting back into a bit of a routine and some semblance of normality. 

The next phase begins – I’ve lost count now. 

See you at home!!



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