Days 141-142. Days 8&9 post op

Not actually that much to report. My days are filled with laying on the sofa on my right side, then my left side and then carefully on my back. Get up, walk around lay back down. Repeat. 

I’m getting used to eating standing up, so much so, that I may stick the dining room chairs on eBay!!

We’ve got a good routine in the morning now, takes a bit of time to get it done but there’s no rush, luckily. 

I think when this is all over, we’re both going to need a holiday. Me to get over the surgery and Paula to get over me getting over the surgery!

She’s been an absolute star, doing pretty much everything, from changing dressings, putting my socks on, helping me get my trousers on as well as all of the ‘domestic’ stuff like preparing meals and keeping the house clean. 

All of this with no complaints. 

The really good thing is that we are having a good laugh at some of the things she has to do for me, I won’t go into details but let’s just say that one of the main jobs for Paula in the morning is to make sure that the wound and the wound where the drain was are completely dry before putting a dressing on. I shall leave it up to your imagination to decide how this is achieved. Well, we did say in sickness and in health!!

Every day I seem to be getting stronger, although completing a simple task like having a shower can leave me completely exhausted, but I guess this is all part of the recovery process. 

Next week I have some admin jobs to get done for work and then the following week I hope to be able to start replying to emails and making some phone calls and hopefully get some applications completed over the phone. Driving is still a few weeks away yet. 

So, at the moment one day is much like another but resting and gentle exercise is the only way to recover, the highlight of today will be to go for a short walk outside!! I’d forgotten what the outside looks like. 

In terms of how I am physically. Not too much pain but still getting a few ‘gripey’ stomach pains. Last night Cecil went nuts again, massive amounts of output but I’m guessing that is the bowel still sorting itself out after being put to sleep and also having to cope with all of the constipating drugs that I received whilst in hospital. 

Hopefully over the next few days these pains will disappear and we (Cecil and I) can get back to the previous routine that seemed to work well. 

Yesterday I saw a tweet from the specialist centre where I had my chemo and radiotherapy stating that they are now offering complimentary therapies. At the moment they are limited to aromatherapy and reflexology. These are available to current and previous patients and their families. I contacted them (they are aware that I’ve only just had surgery) to see if these would be available to Paula and me and they confirmed they would be. So, this is something we’ll definitely take advantage of once I’m mobile again. 

It’s so good to know that it’s not just ‘have your treatment and that’s that’ but they continue to look after you afterwards as well. I know that other organisations like Macmillan for example offer a similar service. 

Well, that’s about it for today, thank you for reading. 

Have a great day. 



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