Days 143-145. Post op days 10, 11 & 12

Groundhog day(s). Sleep, get up, lie down, repeat. 

Every day seems to be getting easier although the merest suggestion of anything remotely physically demanding leaves me exhausted. 

This last week has been a biggie for Paula, not only has she been looking after me (and making an excellent job of it) but she has been waiting for the results of her latest check up. These check ups are every four months now but they do not get any easier for her and the week between the blood test/scan and getting the results is a long and often anxious one. 

This time I think I’ve been a good distraction but I hope I will be forgiven for not being such a distraction for all of the rest of her check ups!

Anyway, the results were all ok so a sigh of relief and we move on. On the way to the hospital Paula said that she thought her consultant would be more interested in me than her. I said that I hoped that would be the case as it would mean her results were good. As it turned out I was right.  

Over the time that Paula has been treated by her consultant we’ve struck up a bit of a friendship and he seemed genuinely concerned to hear how I am getting on. He is very good friends with my consultant as they are both cancer surgeons and sometimes work together. 

We also chatted about the so called ‘bed crisis’ in the NHS. He explained that cancer patients are always protected from cancellations but sometimes he has to go on to the ward and see if he can discharge any of his colleagues patients so that he can free up beds for the operations he is due to perform that day. As he mainly does ‘big’ cancer ops that often last for four of five hours he has to be able to start on time as a two hour delay can mean that he will only have time to perform one of his planned operations. This then means cancellations and the domino effect means ops can then get delayed. Not something you want to have happen when you’re awaiting surgery for cancer. 

The real crime here is that we’ve got surgeons doing what are, in essence, administrative roles and having to pull the rest of their team, who may already have scrubbed in, to get discharge papers ready. This along with the waste of skill that cannot be used to literally save lives is criminal. I don’t have the answer but wish somebody did. 

They must be the most highly paid administrators in the country!!!

So the next check up Paula has will be two years following her cancer diagnosis and this is a big milestone so it will be good to get May out of the way. 

Whilst we were at the hospital we raided their dressings supplies as I was running out of the dressings that I need. The nurse was very helpful and brought out a whole array of various dressings for us to choose from. 

After that it was back into the car (Keystone Cops ride again), we stopped for fish and chips and then home to rest. 

Yesterday was my birthday so I celebrated with a nice lay down for the day! Plenty of visits from family and friends, always good to see everyone. A variety of cards and presents, all very much appreciated. Thanks all. 

In the evening we would normally have gone for a nice meal somewhere but given that I have yet to find any ‘standing’ restaurants we stayed at home to eat. Nevertheless it was nice to have the evening together with some nice food and a decent bottle of wine. 

Today (Sunday) just a normal day. Paula cooked the roast, normally my job, it was delicious and then after lunch we went for a walk round the block. So nice to get out with some wind in your face. We just did the short loop, it did tire me out but was glad that we did it. Last time I tried during the week I had to turn round and come back after a very short distance so I guess this proves that I am getting stronger. 

This coming week I aim to get some admin for work completed and then next week, if I’m up to it, some phone calls and some applications to submit. 

On Monday (tomorrow) I am seeing my consultant again to have my wound checked and get the results of the tests on the bits that he’s removed. We’re hoping this will show that all of the cancer has gone and no chemotherapy will be required. 

As I’ve said before, it’s not down to luck, but naturally I’m hoping that the results will go my way. I’ve been treated very well and everyone is friendly but it would be good to stay away from hospitals for a while!!

I’ll let you know how it goes. 



4 thoughts on “Days 143-145. Post op days 10, 11 & 12

  1. Hi Pat
    Great to hear all is going well and to plan.
    You’ll soon be in and spending some money on the Jag
    !!! ( with a discount as usual of course 😁)
    I won’t be asking to see your scar tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    See you soon



    1. Ha!!! I’m thinking it would be easier for me to get into an F Pace, may have to come and kick some tyres!!!

      No point me coming if I can’t show you my scar!

      Thanks Mick, hope you’re well


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