Days 146-147. Post op days 13 & 14

The recovery continues, getting very well acquainted with the sofa…..

All is going well,  the wound appears to be healing well and the hole where the drain was has now healed, I guess I will be left with a small scar there but given where it is, nobody will see it anyway!

The main wound is not painful just feels a bit ‘weird’, difficult to describe exactly what it feels like.

Yesterday evening, I had an appointment at the ‘dressing clinic’; no, not learning how to dress but having my wound checked and the dressing checked also.  I was also to see my consultant for him to check the wound and to get the results of the tests they completed on the bits they removed.

So, the news is in and it’s good news.  The cancer has been graded lower than when we started, this means that it responded well to the chemo & radiotherapy and the surgery removed all of the remaining cancer.  He also confirmed that all of the ‘margins’ were clear (this is the extra bits they remove from around the tumour site), so no cancer found there either.  The last bit of good news was that I will not require any further chemotherapy.

There was much relief in the room, not easy when you’re lying there with people looking up your backside, but to be honest, any dignity that I had went a long time ago.  Cancer teaches you not to be too precious about what were your private parts, cos they ain’t that private anymore!!

I can’t say that I felt elated, just really relieved and so, so grateful for the work that my wonderful surgeon does.  He is so laid back and relaxed about the whole thing and listening to him talk about his work you would be forgiven for thinking that he just did a mundane job, not that he isn’t clearly passionate about what he does but he makes it sound so matter of fact. He has quite literally, saved my life.

How do you thank someone for doing that?  Where do you begin?

I felt emotional and had I been standing up I would have hugged him.  To him, just doing his job I guess, but to me & Paula, he has given me my life back.

OK, I know….this sounds dramatic, but I mean every word I have written.

Given the negative press the NHS is getting at the moment, I want to shout that ‘everything is fine, don’t believe them”!!!  I know there are problems and I’m not sticking my head in the sand, but my experience has been good.

These guys and girls are saving lives every day; where would we be without them?

I am to go back to see the dressing clinic and my consultant again next Monday.  Just to keep a check on the wound and make sure it continues to heal well.  I will also have the first of the blood tests I will have, going forward, to check all is well.

The stitches that I have are slow dissolving and should start to fall out 4-6 weeks after surgery. The suture he has used are not normally used for skin, they would normally be used internally.  The ‘skin’ suture that they use tends to dissolve too quickly and he is trying this other type as they should last longer.  It is good that he is telling me all of this and he has been quite honest from the start when he has tried something new, a bit like the Pico dressing, he was explaining last time I saw him that that day he had performed the same operation on another chap but could not get the Pico to seal.  You would think that we’re all pretty much the same but it’s just not the case.

He has also said that he may remove the stitches if they are in too long but he has asked me to let him know when they start to fall out.

Once we were finished we purloined some more dressings and then it was back to clambering into the back of the car for the journey home and a celebratory glass or two of a good bottle of wine that was crying out to be opened on the advent of good news, this seemed an appropriate time.

After eating, it was time to text all of those that wanted to know the news, some wonderfully supportive replies, as always, these are appreciated.

This morning I received  a get well card from a client and they had taken the trouble to write a note with some lovely words of support.  It’s these things that have made me think, all the way through this – wait for it…… journey – how fortunate I have been and am.

I’ve got a fantastic wife, fantastic family and fantastic friends and clients.

All have contributed to making this easier for me. I cannot thank you all enough.

So, the road ahead will be filled with regular check ups, these will be blood tests, MRI scans and some colonoscopies.  Check ups will be every three months for the first year.  It’s actually quite comforting to know that they will be keeping a close eye on me.

But for now, I am no longer a cancer ‘patient’, I’ve met some wonderful people but won’t be sorry to be out of the hospital ‘bubble’ for a while.

My next goal, will be to sit down!  Next, go out for dinner with my beautiful wife, she is the best a man could want and then, we may get away for a cheeky weekend at our favourite hotel, well, I will need to recuperate!!

Thank you, as always for reading, I will continue to blog with updates as they occur, next update should be ‘I’ve sat down!’





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