Day 154. Post op day 21

Not much to report since my last post, still laying as sitting still not possible.

Saw my consultant this evening for a wound check and to see the dressings clinic.  In the morning we had noticed that the wound was a bit weepy at one end and I was concerned that it might be starting to break down.

I really wanted to sit at my desk just for a few minutes but it simply was not possible even with the ‘princess and the pea’ set up:

(For those not familiar

I have to confess that not being able to do this most simple of things made me feel a bit fed up, coupled with the worry of the wound breaking down, made for a bit of a grumpy day.

Anyway, in the evening we made for the hospital in the usual style, that is, laying in the  back of the car.  The clinic was running late so we had to wait about 35 minutes to be called in.  I’m Ok at waiting, but as I cannot sit at the moment I have to stand and as my back is also now starting to complain about all this laying about, standing up for long periods of time is not all that pleasurable either!!

Once called through I was able to lay down and the nurse said that she thought the wound looked OK to her.  Whilst we were waiting for the consultant she had a good look and said that as well as stitching the wound they had also glued it and the ‘scratchy’ feeling I am getting when trying to sit may well be the glue that is yet to come away.  She managed to remove some and the edges are quite sharp.

The consultant came and had look and said they he would remove two of the stitches, one from the top of the wound one from the bottom (no pun intended!!).  I was going to ask him if he could remove the top one as it was starting to pull quite a bit. Having these removed wasn’t too bad, just a little painful when he was pulling them out.  He was also trying to remove more glue but some if it is attached to hairs that are not that keen on being pulled out!!  I shall leave the rest to your imagination, much watering of eyes ensued!

He had a look at the part of the wound that I was concerned about and said there may be a small infection and that removing the stitches would help the infection come out if there was any.  He has also given me some anti biotics just in case, these are the size of a small planet, not sure if they are for me or my horse!

He also suggested having a bath to soften the remainder of the glue, I just have to be careful not to slide in the bath and stretch the wound.  Should be interesting…..

He asked how I was getting on and I told him that I was feeling frustrated and that I feel that I should be/could be doing more.  He said that it is still early days; we are only three weeks in and that he is pleased I’m frustrated as it means I am getting better!

He seems to think I am doing well and am where I should be at this stage.  I asked if I was being over-cautious in terms of trying to sit but he said that wound management is crucial so I guess one cannot be over cautious.

So, its back to my old adage, you’ve just got to do as you’re told!

I am to go back next week for another wound check and to see the dressings clinic again.

Let’s hope that the wound continues to heal and if I can get the glue to soften it may be that sitting could be achieved. Now, wouldn’t that be an achievement??



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