Day 171. Post op day 39. 

Well, it’s been a while but to be honest, not too much to report. 

The last time I saw my consultant for a wound check he was reasonably happy with it.  I had been advised to take a step back and to stay off my backside to let the wound heal a bit more before sitting or walking too far. 

It certainly felt better for being off it for the week. He had a good poke around and said that there is a cavity at one end of the wound and that appears to be where the leaks are coming from. There was some talk of the remaining stiches being removed but after giving it some thought he changed his mind. He swabbed inside the cavity but said that it all looked ok and the discharge was the right colour and not smelly. Always good to hear that you don’t smell!

The worry, of course, is the wound breaking down or splitting so as he’s not sure if it’s going to breakdown he wants to give it a sporting chance and leaving that ‘big old stitch’ in place can only help. 

This was six days ago and I have been sitting for short periods of time and walking, but not too far. It seems that for now the leakage has stopped! My theory, which I will check when I next see the consultant is that in poking around in the cavity he’s dislodged a clot or similar and that has allowed the remaining fluid to make its way out. I say this as on the evening of the day that I last saw him there was a lot of discharge on the pad I have to wear – you know, in case I forget I have the wound!! – and for a couple of days afterwards. However in the last few days even though I have been sitting there is hardly any. 

The area around the cavity is still quite sticky in the morning but I think there is still quite a bit of glue that needs to breakdown and I guess where it gets warm during the course of the day and night it just sticks together again. That’s the thing with glue, it’s quite sticky!

I can see definite improvement as sitting now is much more comfy than my last attempts and it feels like I can relax completely whereas before I didn’t feel like I could completely commit my full weight, so it feels like improvement. 

The recovery process is slower than I had anticipated but it’s a waiting game and you just have to be patient as rushing this will end in the wound not healing and that would mean taking it apart and starting again. 

I joined an online forum which is part of the Macmillan cancer organisation and one of the people on there had the same procedure as me and their wound did break down and it took nearly a year to get it to heal. 

I don’t fancy that too much!

Work wise I am doing what I can when I can. I am still not able to drive so it’s all over the telephone and email but so far so good. I anticipate being off the road for at least another couple of weeks, maybe longer. Then it will be short, quick journeys as I can’t risk sitting for too long. 

That being the case I will have been off work for two months which, if I’m being honest, I thought might be the case and I am prepared for. 

As my sister said yesterday, this should be it now, I just need to get over this and hopefully that’s me and surgery and recovery done. 

I’m due to see my consultant again in six days time, I was seeing him every week but last time he said let’s leave it a fortnight. 

After the discharge that I had at the start of this week I emailed him as I was worried about the amount.  Did I need to see him again, should I be worried, is the wound breaking down?

I’m very fortunate that I am able to contact him directly. He emailed back to say that he doesn’t know what the wound is going to do (how could he?) but if there is fluid there it’s better for it to come out rather than stay in. He said let’s wait and see. As it turns out he seemed to be right and it seems to have settled, maybe I over reacted?

So, we continue with the laying down with smatterings of sitting. It’s actually really nice to be able to sit and eat, feels much more civilised than standing!

We’re off to the shops today (woo hoo!) and I’m hoping to arrive like a normal person, you know, actually sitting in the car ther than laying! 

We’ll give it a try anyway.  

That is about it for now, hopefully it’s all going in the right direction, the next few days and weeks will tell. 

Thanks for reading. 



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