April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month 

I’ve decided to stop the ‘counting’ of how many days since my diagnosis and last op as I am now now officially clear of cancer, focussing instead on looking forward.

I saw my consultant last week for him to have a look at the wound as I was still slightly concerned about a small amount of ‘gunge’ that is present particularly in the mornings. He wasn’t at all concerned and just told me to keep doing what I’m doing and be cautious. The most devasting news was that he said that I’m not allowed to go trampolining!! 

All jokes aside, the worst thing that could happen now is for me to fall over on to my backside as that would almost certainly be a wound splitting incident. Now that I am an adult I do my best not to fall over anyway so his advice is pertinent for most of us, whether we’ve had surgery on our backsides or not!!

My recovery continues well and I’m driving more now and am able to sit for longer periods of time but still require the assistance of Ronnie the Ring, makes it sound like a 60’s gangster. 

The last and probably most important thing that my consultant said to me was to get ‘on with living now’. 

I’m not one for looking back or dwelling on the bad stuff that happens but I can understand what he means. What I’ve been through is a trauma I suppose and it would be easy to just sit around worrying about whether the cancer is going to come back or not.  Paula was told a similar thing after her surgery. 

You mustn’t forget that life is for living and to get on with it. If bad stuff is going to happen, it’s going to happen whether you’re ‘living’ or just waiting around for it to happen. 

This brings me to the point of this post (at last I hear you say!). 

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month and since my diagnoses I have been unflinching in my desire to get people talking about and being aware of bowel cancer. 

Bowel cancer is one of the cancers that people don’t like to talk about because it’s in in one of those embarrassing places. Nobody like to discuss their anus or rectum or even talk about their poo. Let me tell you, there’s been plenty of discussions about all of those in our house in the last few months!!

As you know, I consider myself to be very fortunate that my cancer was caught early and after all of my excellent care and treatment I now no longer have cancer. I’m not a survivor as I was never a victim of, or battling with, or fighting cancer, I just had it and now I don’t have it. 

As part of the awareness month, the charity, Bowel Cancer UK, were on the TV yesterday with a young lady, Deborah James, who after various tests, that were all clear, was told that she had cancer of the rectum after she had a colonoscopy. 

The interview is here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1659143434099788&id=127439507270196&_rdr

I urge you to invest 8 minutes of your time to watch this interview as Deborah tells her story of being told she had hemorrhoids only for to be changed to the news that she had cancer. Then a few days before this interview she was told that her cancer had gone to her lungs and she has ahead of her, a six month chemotherapy regime to undergo. And then, she goes on to live tv to tell her story. 

She really is an inspiration and makes me feel truly humble and underlines my thoughts that I was very fortunate. 

So, some of you will be sick of me saying this but remember, you are the only person that knows your body. You know if something is not right. If you have any doubts, go to your GP, ask to be tested and if they say no and you’re still not happy, ask again and again and again.  

It seems that the only sure way of knowing is to have a colonoscopy. Ok, I accept it ain’t pleasant and they are better ways of spending an afternoon but it’s really not that bad. And, you do get tea and cakes afterwards!!

And the best bit? It might just save your life. 

Just think about that for a minute. We’re talking life saving stuff here. For a few moments of embarrassment in front of your GP and a bit of uncomfortableness during the procedure, you could actually save your life. 

It’s got to be worth it, hasn’t it?

For more information on Bowel Cancer Awareness month, visit:


Don’t forget, if in doubt GET TESTED!


2 thoughts on “April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month 

  1. You got tea and cakes after your colonoscopy? I’ve had 2 this past year and got diddly squat. I suppose that’s the benefit of going private instead of taking your turn with the hoipoloi! I just want to echo what Pat says about getting tested. The colonoscopy procedure is now big deal ; you’re asleep for it so don’t feel a thing. Admittedly, the preparation before hand is an ‘experience’ but nothing too terrible. Just wear loose fitting trousers and don’t stray too far from the loo.


    1. Well, I actually got a sandwich, coffee and muffins!! I agree, the preparation is a bit interesting. I said to the nurse that I had been told not to go for a long walk after taking the preparation fluid. Her reply? Don’t even go for a short walk!!! Sage advice indeed.


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