Three month check up


So it has been three months since my surgery and I have seen my consultant to get the results of the blood test that I had last week.

This is predominantly a CEA test to see of there is any cancer present in my body.

CEA stands for Carcinoembryonic Antigen which is a protein produced when certain cancers are present, especially rectal cancer.
My reading was 1.  When I was first diagnosed it was 34!  Over the coming months this will be used as a monitor, the level may go up but as long as it stays pretty constant then we have nothing to worry about.
All other markers were completely normal, which is excellent news.
The plan for the future is regular blood tests every three months, this will be to check the CEA levels and in 18 months time a colonoscopy to check that all is well in the bowel department.  At the three year mark I will have a scan to check there is nothing going on that the CEA test hasn’t picked up.
I will be monitored for the next seven years, which, I have to say is quite comforting.
Other than that, life is pretty much back to normal, I am back at work full time now and have never been busier!
Paula & I managed a cheeky weekend away which was really restful; as usual, we didn’t want to come home.
In a few weeks time Paula will be up to her two year mark since she had her cancer and her consultant has said that the two year mark is a good one to get to, so our focus is now on that.  I’m sure she will be fine but it will be good to be told that all is well.
As those of you that know me will know, I am a pretty positive chap but there have been times when it felt like I would never get back to ‘normal’.  Especially those endless hours of laying down.  But, as my consultant said, the work I put in was worth it as he is very happy with the wound and my recovery generally.
I thanked him for what he has done for me, and as always, I said that thank you doesn’t really seem enough.  His reply?  “It’s what I do”.
What a great guy.
That’s it really, all rather boring but after the last few months, I’m quite pleased with boring!
Thanks for reading, keep well,

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