It’s Super Stoma Saturday!

Today is world stoma day and the UK charity, Colostomy UK, have announced that today is their Super Stoma Saturday and encouraging people with a Stoma to share a picture on Twitter and social media using the hashtag #superstoma

This is to try and destigmatise the whole stoma thing and get people wearing bags to be less self conscious of wearing them. We don’t have a choice at the end of the day so to a certain extent, we have to let other people just deal with it. 

Anyway, here’s mine!

To illustrate the point I am trying to make, the website Mail Online ran a story a little while ago about a breakthrough in bowel surgery that would save people ‘the misery’ of wearing a colostomy bag. Understandably, lots of people that wear bags (Ostomates) were unhappy about this negative slant on wearing a bag. For me, having a bag probably saved my life. If we’re talking about being miserable, I think not being alive would make me marginally more miserable than wearing a colostomy bag!!

Maybe it would have been prudent to speak to an ostomate and actually ask them their opinion?

Here is a link to the article:

That’s about it for now, thanks for reading. 

Last thing, can you do me a favour?

Can you check if your local MP is a bowel cancer champion? This is an initiative run by another cancer charity, Bowel Cancer UK.  

This link will help you check and tell you why we need MP’s to be champions for Bowel Cancer

Thanks very much!



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