This is ‘My Moment’!


You will recall a few posts ago I mentioned that I had been asked to write a piece for the Helen Rollason charity magazine called ‘Moment’ (Get it??).

It has now been published  – have a read if you like.


They wanted to focus on men and their cancers to try to encourage men to talk about problems they were having.  We are not very good at talking about things that worry us, especially if it involves, well, you know, embarrassing stuff, like rectums and our anus.

Well, I am very pleased that I did, so come on guys, if it’s worrying you, talk to your GP about it, they won’t be embarrassed and if they are, who cares!

Helen Rollason Cancer Charity is dedicated to supporting people whose lives are touched by cancer. Their support centres in Essex, London and Hertfordshire are vital in helping people living with cancer. The centres offer a range of complementary therapies to patients in an environment of peace and tranquility, including counselling, reflexology, aromatherapy, manual lymphatic drainage and support groups. The centres are for patients with all types of cancer at all stages, whether newly diagnosed or longer term, throughout and after completion of treatment.Founded in 1999, the charity is the legacy of BBC broadcaster Helen Rollason, whose vision was:

“Good quality of life while coping with cancer is the most important gift a sick person can receive. It should be available to everyone.”

That’s about it for now but watch this space for some news about what I will be doing in December to support another bowel cancer charity!

Keep well and healthy.

PS.  I have also attached a link to the whole magazine if you want to have a look, I’m on page 7.




2 thoughts on “This is ‘My Moment’!

  1. Hi Mate

    Just want to say what a fantastic article this is, I am sure that someone, somewhere will read this and take heed and maybe save their life. I hope you don’t mind if I send this on to others.


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