It’s Bowel Cancer……

Not the words you really want to hear but I was kind of expecting it.

I am Patrick Reeve, I am 47 years of age and I am married to my wife, Paula. I work as a mortgage & insurance broker.

Since about May 2016 I have been having bowel issues and went to my GP to discuss my concerns and she referred me for a colonoscopy and there the rollercoaster ride started!

I have had various blood tests, MRI & CT scans and my pathology referred to experts in London, all of which came back as inconclusive.

I was told there is a mass in my rectum which was causing the issue but it could not be defined as a cancer, yet……

Then, on 8th September the news was in. It’s bowel cancer.

In this blog I will update what treatments I am having, how I feel, the effects on my loved ones around me and what is happening next.

I also want to challenge the embarrassment of talking about bowel cancer so, yes, I will be talking about rectums and my anus! Hey, it’s only another part of my body, if I had something wrong with any part, nobody would feel embarrassed.

If you, or anyone you know is having or has had the same diagnosis, feel free to comment, share ideas or use my ramblings as either inspiration (I hope!) or let me know what I could be doing differently or better.

One thing is for sure, the road ahead is going to be bumpy at times, uncertain and difficult to navigate.

My prognosis is good and I’ve much more living to do yet, so join me if you want, everyone is most welcome.

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Regards & best wishes